Xchange in Triangle could be losing its alcohol licence

Bournemouth police say the bar is ‘falling far short of the level expected’

Bournemouth police force have requested a review of the Xchange following a series of issues involving drugs and threats to public safety.

A hearing, which is due to take place on Tuesday 17th March will involve BCP Council licensing sub-committee, The Bournemouth Echo reports.

The committee has been asked to take “particular consideration” to revoking the bar’s licence by officer Louise Busfield. Issues dating back to March last year have been outlined in her review request.

Issues include the bar owner, Stuart Kimber, being admitted to hospital after taking the drug GHB and discharging himself without informing hospital staff.

During a visit from a council licensing officer three months after the incident he is reported to have had a ‘rather blasé’ approach to drug use within the club.

In November it was claimed door staff tried to persuade people against calling an ambulance after a man collapsed due to having his drink spiked.

Door staff were also reportedly reluctant to let paramedics into the building to carry out treatment.

On various occasions it is reported that the bar has not be forthcoming with CCTV footage requested by the police and on some occasion the CCTV cameras have not even been working.

In one instance, CCTV footage was requested on December 1st as part of a rape investigation, but was not provided until December 5th. Even then, three quarters of the cameras were out of action.

Police licencing officer Louise Busfield said: “Any delays such as those experienced in this case frustrates any investigation.

“However, delays to serious investigations do impact significantly due to the number of lines of enquiry that are required to be completed within strict timescales.”

The police have also received reports of people both taking and selling drugs within the establishment.

Despite meeting with the police in January to discuss how to improve the running of the business, the proposals were deemed inadequate by the police who have now called for the council to review the bars licence.

Louise Busfield said: “There can be no excuse for licensees failing to act to tackle crime within their premises, particularly where the crime leads to significant harm and vulnerability.

“When considering the relevance of the review and the potential sanctions, if any, that the sub-committee may choose, it should be emphasised that Dorset Police and other partner agencies are working tirelessly to improve standards within our licensed community and consider that the operating standards at Xchange are falling far short of the level expected.”