Coronavirus: Bournemouth Asda shelves left empty by people stockpiling loo roll

They’re buying so many baked beans I’m not surprised they need it

Following the news a Bournemouth student has tested positive for coronavirus, it’s no surprise people might want to get stocked up for the mandatory two-week period of self-isolation.

Let’s face it we don’t handle any type of potential crisis or shortage well in this country. The snowstorm in early 2018 saw people panic buying watermelons, which are clearly a necessity when you are at of risk being snowed in. We decided to take a trip to the Asda Superstore to find out exactly what people are panic buying.

Toilet Roll


This one is pretty obvious, however, I was shocked by how empty the shelves actually were. I’m convinced that some people literally only went in there to buy toilet roll because that’s all I could see in their trolley’s. I don’t think they’re even panic buying because of coronavirus at this point, they’re just worried about there being no toilet roll left.

Baked Beans

Your room is going to pong if this is all you’re eating mate

It’s no wonder people are buying so much toilet paper judging by how empty the shelves that usually contain baked beans are. I understand that tinned goods are a strong choice if you’re going into isolation but honestly, there’s more than just baked beans out there and your bowels will probably thank you for laying off them a bit.

Bottled Water

Can we get an F in the chat

I saw so many people loading packs of bottled water into their trolley’s and the shelves were pretty much empty by the time I left. I feel like it’s important for me to put out there that it’s highly unlikely the water supply will be contaminated and your kitchen taps will continue to work in the same way they have always done.

Hand soap and sanitiser

Again, pretty obvious. I’m honestly concerned by the number of people don’t seem to have been washing their hands before the Covid-19 outbreak.

This is not a picture of the hand sanitiser shelf but you get the idea

There are currently 278 confirmed cases of the virus in the U.K. and Boris Johnson is holding an emergency Cobra meeting today to discuss whether ‘social distancing’ measures should be put in place in order to delay the virus.

Guidance from Public Health England can be found here.

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