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BCP council releases plans for new social space in Lansdowne

There may be a better social space than your halls kitchen on the Horizon

Initial plans have been released this week, outlining to change the Lansdowne area into "a more pedestrianised social space."

The project which was given £8.5 million additional government funding, to the current £150 million investment into the area, shows plans to totally revamp the site.

Plans include new seating areas, landscape design gardens, entertainment space which could be used for live events, and changes to pedestrian and cyclist routes.

With a large population of students and young people in the area, it's hoped the change will bring about more of a communal feel, becoming a hotspot for anyone living in or visiting Bournemouth.

Leader of BCP council Vikki Slade has described the project as a "much needed boost" to the area.

This is good news for students in the area, as it is planned to be built around a minute from most of the BU and AUB halls of residence.

The council have reached out to locals and asked them to share their thoughts and opinions on the new proposals, however the development ideas have bought in mixed reviews.

18-year-old Emma Hornby from Moordown said: “The new plans look visually very exciting, but I worry about the environmental impact of the project.

"Turning more of Bournemouth into concrete, I feel they should make it more of a green focused project".

Some students are delighted by the news, BU student Wiktoria Rzeszotek said: “For students, I think this a great idea.

"It’s an area dominated by halls of residence, and it creates a nice place for people to gather and socialise."

Locals have until November 22nd to have their say surrounding the developments, with ground surveys expected to start later this year.