Everything you need to know ahead of Summer Ball 2018

It’s a sell out

Summer Ball is in one week. I repeat, Summer Ball is in ONE WEEK.

Whether it's your first ever or your last ever SUBU Summer Ball, prepare for the day and night of your life, and the best possible way to see off the academic year.

Here at The Tab Bournemouth, we want to make sure you're well prepared and know everything pre the day, so here's a handy guide with all the ins and outs. No need to thank us.

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Time to get your costumes back out

Outline of the day

SUBU say it starts at 2pm, but we all know that Summer Ball truly starts the second you wake up on Saturday.

You'll be getting up, getting into your costumes, and heading somewhere for a big pres as soon as you can – the pres are just as important as the event itself. Crack out the BBQ and the fishbowls that you've been planning for months on the Facebook event you've been listed as going to since November, because it's finally time.

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Did you drink all of those at pres? Impressive

The time you need to head over to Fire Station is 2pm- 4pm, where there will be people outside to guide you to the queues to get onto the buses to the site. There's usually portaloos there and a chance for you to reapply any gems that have fallen off costumes or glitter that's gone patchy – no rush, they got your back.

Then it's on. When you arrive you go through usual security (don't forget your ticket) and you'll be greeted by endless bars, food stands, the fair ground rides and of course the tents.

You'll be in the same field as MK. And the U1 bus driver. Let that sink in a minute.

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Buses will be running from where you arrived back to Fire Station from 11pm onward. The after party is there from 2am – 4.30am. Then it's off to Bournemouth Pier for the iconic Survivors' Photo at 5am – if you can still stand up that is.

What's included in your ticket

With your ticket you get your return travel to and from Fire Station, entrance to the event (obviously), access to the fun fair rides, and entrance to the after party. Just don't lose it.

The stages

This year there are eight stages: Main, Bestival Bollywood, Foreverland, Applebum, We Broke Free, FRAU DJS, Suddenly Funk and a secret area TBA.

Drinks prices

£3 VKs, £3.50 beer or cider and there will be other options too, all at student prices.


Costumes are a HUGE part of the day. No doubt you and your housemates or course mates have been planning them for ages. Here at The Tab Bournemouth we will be running best dressed competitions, so make sure you get snaps of your outfits and keep your eyes peeled for when to send them in to us and have your efforts recognised.

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It goes without saying – don't dress up in something offensive. It's 2018 but people are actually still dumb enough to think things like blackface are a joke – don't be that person. It's not funny.

And just a heads up, if your costume comes with some weird weapon you won't be allowed to take it in. Yeah, people have tried to take samurai swords and shit in before, it's going to be a no.

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Socks and sandals are stylish and sensible

Advice: Something harmless, something creative, something fun. (See above)

Weather predictions

According to the BBC, there are highs of 19 and lows of 12 for Saturday. They describe the weather as "light cloud and breezy" and there is a yellow warning for rain. However, the actual chance of rain is only listed as around 13 per cent all day, so who knows.

Weather forecasts always change, and nothing can dampen our spirits anyway.

Maps, line up times and any other info is all expected this week, so keep an eye out on the Summer Ball Facebook page for that.

And of course, The Tab Bournemouth will keep you up to date, and will be doing best dressed competitions so make sure you like our Facebook page.

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