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Bournemouth’s fittest fresher: The female WINNER revealed

They’re all beautiful tbh

Abi Mumby, an art foundation student has been crowned your fittest fresher 2017-2018!

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She calls herself cool, hip and trendy and tbh, she's not far off the mark. You agreed, considering she racked in almost 48 per cent of the votes in the final round.

Abi loves a Nandos (take notes) and will never live down the time she wet herself after getting too drunk. Who doesn't love a carefree Surrey girl with a thing for Barack Obama?

Take a look at how she faired against the other girls in the final:

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Abi reigned supreme, after receiving over a third of all votes in the first round. Abi is the strong female lead you wanted to win, and might be the trendy girl you've always been looking for.

Congrats Abi!