Which classic Christmas song is your Bournemouth uni halls of residence?

Sorry Purbeck

A highlight of Christmas is definitely the music. There's nothing quite like sticking on a Christmas playlist and belting them all out – which undeniably is all we've been doing since November.

Well, have you ever wondered what Christmas song each BU halls would be? I know it's been bugging you all year, so here you go.

Cranborne House – 'It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas', Michael Bublé

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Cranborne and Bublé are both synonymous with classic. A little bit plain, but classic. Michael pretty much disappears for the rest of the year and then gets dragged out at Christmastime to grace us all with festive cheer and leave us swooning. This is just like Cranborne at BU open days, always the centre of attention, but not always leaving us with the desired swooning effect mind you.

Dorchester House – 'Driving Home for Christmas', Chris Rea

"Daddy how will I be getting home at the end of the semester?" "Oh darling, we'll be driving home for Christmas." A conversation all residents of Dorchester have had with their parents, god forbid you would have to get public transport all the way back to Surrey. Disgusting.

Purbeck House – 'Fairytale of New York', The Pogues

Purbeck is pretty dirty – full of scumbags and not short of maggots. It's kinda cheap, and the halls is lousy. On the day of Summerball and every Wednesday night you can always hear drunken singing too. So this song just sums you guys up. Sorry.

Student Village – 'Do They Know It's Christmas', Band Aid

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The people in Student Village keep themselves to themselves. Do they know it's Christmas time? Who knows, we've never spoken to anyone from there. Student Village: it's time you came out more, it's Christmastime and there's no need to be afraid.

Lyme Regis House – 'Jingle Bell Rock', Bobby Helms

An edgier and cooler version of the classic Jingle Bells, Lyme Regis just couldn't be anything else. Everyone that lives in Lyme will tell you how much better Jingle Bell Rock is over the original, because it's just "so underrated" and "obviously the best". Step into the common room any day of December and there's probably girls in there all dressed up and ready to do the Mean Girls dance for you – four for you Glen Coco!

Chesil House – 'Last Christmas', Wham!

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This song is all about betrayal and that's how all residents of Chesil desperately feel. You saw the location of next to Cranborne and Purbeck and above Co-op and thought jackpot. In reality, Chesil is shite and a bit like having your heart ripped out.

Corfe House – 'Lonely This Christmas', Mud

What's it like all the way in Poole? How are you guys? Is everything ok?

Home Park – 'Santa's Coming For Us', Sia

When did this happen? Where did you come from? Home Park just sort of appeared out of nowhere and we're not sure how we feel about you. You're all new and modern, with a hint of dark and intimidating – it may take a few years for you to earn your classic status.

Lansdowne Point – 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas', Probably a school choir

Oh you guys just wouldn't hurt a fly, would you? What else for a halls full of innocence and genuine Christmas cheer. Oh, and you probably wont go until you get some (all fully catered) figgy pudding.