Finally the SUBU Elects 2017 results have been announced

They had been delayed after rumoured foul play

Daniel Asaya and Brooke Elias were re-elected as SUBU President and Vice President for Activities last week, but up till now, the final three winners remained unknown.

It is now clear that Charlie Souter- Phillips has been re-elected as Vice President for Welfare, meaning that all the officers that ran for their positions for another year have maintained their roles.

The Vice President for Education has been revealed as Joseph Ajiboye, with SUBU wishing him good luck on their Facebook page. Joseph had previously announced his win on his own private Facebook page which sparked confusion amongst students wondering when the results would be confirmed.

And finally, Said Diguer has won the Vice President for Community position.

SUBU previously said that the delay in the results being announced was due to ‘uncontrollable circumstances’ and no more has been said by the union to confirm or deny any rumours.

This election remains record-breaking for the number of votes, with a grand total of 3,416 cast overall.