No leccie, no lighty: Purbeck Hall residents left in the dark

If you can read this, it probably means you live somewhere else

b block lights out purbeck

Outraged residents in Purbeck B block have been left without power after a water leak damaged the electricity supply.

First years on floors six to 11 woke up this morning to total darkness and no running water. Although the water supply has now been restored, roughly 150 residents are in the dark over when the power will come back on.

The problem was caused by water leaking into the power supply unit for those floors.

purbeck 3

Scene of the crime: that water isn’t meant to be there


Fortunately, the power outage didn’t affect the elevators, but this stroke of luck hasn’t stopped some first years from complaining.

One stressed resident on the 11th floor said: “I have about £20 worth of food in my fridge, and it’s all going to go bad.”

purbeck 1

‘Come see us if you need a shower’


A hastily-erected notice board informed first years they should contact Endsleigh Insurance to claim any losses caused by the outage. However, some residents have told The Tab they’ve been unable to get through to speak to anyone.

When asked how long the power outage is likely to last, Purbeck Hall’s receptionist told The Tab: “We are currently dealing with the leak but there is no set time by when the problem will be resolved”.

Until then, it will be lights out in Block B indefinitely.