The moment you’ve been waiting for: The final of Birmingham’s BNOC of 2022 is here

Vote for the ultimate BNOC

Over the past couple of weeks you have been sending in nominations and voting for your ultimate BNOC of 2022. The time has finally come to reveal who won each heat round.

In this article you can find out a little more about each contestant, before taking the last vote on who is the truly the Biggest Name On Campus this year.

In the final we have…

Chris Mitchell

via @chris.mitchell2000 on Instagram

The BNOC guild bouncer was the winner from heat one with thousands of votes in his favour.

For a recap, Chris is a third year studying chemical engineering.

Chris told The Birmingham Tab how “gassed” he is to be in this final and that if he wins he will be so proud he’ll put it on his CV. Being UoB’s crowned ultimate BNOC must be a sure way to get plenty of graduate job offers.

Chris’ favourite Birmingham night out is Circo Fridays. Being a Circo Friday regular, Chris has many stories to tell of his nights there. One of his favourites being when he apparently snuck onto the decks whilst the DJ went to the toilet.

Charlotte Edgington

A photo from Charlotte’s camera roll she requested to be included

Charlotte, the well-known menace of the Fab’n’Fresh Facebook, was the winner for heat two.

Charlotte is currently a third year studying English and history of art.

The Birmingham Tab has been informed by Charlotte herself that the fame has already gotten to her head just for winning her heat, who knows what could happen if she is crowned the ultimate BNOC.

When The Tab Birmingham asked Charlotte her favourite night out she said it was her “friend Julia’s house” because they always get black out drunk there. If Charlotte wins, everyone gets an invite.

Louis Titch

via @louistitch26 on instagram

“The most charitable man on campus” was the winner of heat three.

Louis is a third year who studies sports science.

Louis told The Birmingham Tab that if he wins ultimate BNOC it will be the highlight of his uni experience, not only that but he told us how proud it will make his mum. Louis also told The Birmingham Tab how the accomplishment will defiantly be added to the CV.

Louis couldn’t list just one favourite night out, but he managed to narrow it down to three. Before Players was shut down, “RIP Players” (some sentimental words from Louis), his favourite night out was Stue’s. Now Louis loves sports nights, “especially the Mermaid bar which is elite”. Louis also admitted to The Birmingham Tab that Snobs is guilty pleasure of his.

Louis claims he knows who the Scranton Strangler from The Office is, so Office fans you might be lucky enough to find out who, if Louis wins.

Vote here to crown the The Tab Birmingham’s ultimate BNOC 2022

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