Stop everything and vote now in heat one of The Tab Birmingham’s BNOC of the year 2022

You cast your nominations for Brum’s biggest BNOC, now it’s time to narrow out it down

The Tab Birmingham was overwhelmed with hundreds of responses to who you think is the Biggest Name On Campus. We have narrowed it down to those people whose names kept appearing, so far.

There will now be three heats of BNOCs to establish the finalists and find out who truly is the one and only Biggest Name On Campus.

Nominations are still open for the first round, so keep voting.

In heat one we have…

Aaminah Saleem

Year: Third

Course: Politics and international relations with a year in computer science

Everyone who nominated Aaminah had nothing but glowing reviews of her kindness on campus. Aaminah is on many committees for societies and the Guild, and  she undoubtedly uses her power for good.

One of her nominations labelled Aaminah as the “most caring and compassionate person”. Another nomination called her “just an all round queen”.

The Birmingham Tab asked Aaminah why she believes she deserves the title of BNOC of the year 2022 and her response was “I’m active on campus and the Guild and I try my hardest to whatever I can for people all around the uni”.

Chris Mitchell

via @chris.mitchell2000 on instagram

Year: Third

Course: Chemical engineering

Chris is best known around campus as the security guard at The Guild, he probably deserves an award just for having to deal with all the drunken messes leaving sports night and Fab.

His nominations explain how Chris tries to advance his title as an eligible bachelor, by advancing females in a “fall flat, but charming way” at sports nights and fabs.

When The Tab Birmingham asked Chris why he thinks he deserves BNOC of the year he replied “guess I’ve just ended up a very familiar face to a lot of people, thanks to the fact I’ve worked at every guild club night this year ass security, and I’m always wearing a stupid hat in Circo”.

Tom Llewellyn

via @tomllew02 on instagram

Year: First (silly fresh)

Course:  Physiotherapy

Tom’s reasons for nominations were simple, he got multiple nominations on the basis that he knows everyone, and everyone knows him.

Even if you think you don’t know Tom, you probably do and this is because he comments on almost every Fab’n’Fresh post.

Tom told The Birmingham Tab he believes that he deserves BNOC of the year 2022 because he is a “Welsh 6ft 3 ginger lad with a mullet” making it very hard to miss him around campus and the Vale. Tom told us that his friends complain because they it is “impossible to walk three steps on campus without Llewellyn knowing someone”. Tom also brags about his “memorable chat” on nights out.

Vote here for your winner of heat one:

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