A girls only club night is coming to Birmingham

The main rule – ‘strictly no men allowed’

On Friday 6 May LICK events is hosting a female only night out in Birmingham.

The events company, usually based in London, will be hosting the club night at The Mill, Digbeth.

Tickets are only available online, no tickets will be sold on the door.


LICK is an events company that prides itself on being “for women, by women”, their main rule being “strictly no men”.

Not only is the events company focused on a girls only approach, they also have a special focus on making sure that the community of queer women and non-binary people feel safe and welcomed. This is the first company of its kind; with most gay clubs focussing on the demographic of gay cis men, Lick saw a gap in the market and took it.

Following their main goal of making women feel safe, when purchasing tickets, if guests are coming alone, the company can arrange a group for them to go with via their private Instagram account, made solely for this purpose.

The night will include a line up of female DJs such as Just Soriah, Janelle Wynter and Miller Black. There will also be a female photographer at The Mill to get photos of all the girls enjoying their night.

A club full of girls = the dream

The Birmingham Tab got in contact with Happiness Matseke who has been to the LICK events in London on three occasions. Happiness told The Birmingham Tab: “the vibes are immaculate and it feels so amazing being in a space created for women/non-binary people.”

Happiness explained to The Birmingham Tab that she identifies as a queer women and, because of this, “Lick feels like heaven” and the events are “some of the best nights out.”

“It’s also so liberating seeing a bunch of different women coming together and having a great time,” she said.

Birmingham is just one of the stops on LICK’s tour of the country. They are also going to locations such as Brighton and Manchester, as well as continuing their permanent London based events in Vauxhall.

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