Muirhead Tower will be renamed ‘Tommy Shelby Tower’ to pay homage to Peaky Blinders

The name change will take place in the new academic year

UoB’s finest example of brutalist architecture, Muirhead Tower, will be renamed ‘Tommy Shelby Tower’ to pay respect to the hit show, Peaky Blinders.

The University of Birmingham has announced that the name change will become permanent in the 2022/23 academic year.

Following discussions with the BBC and UoB, a blue plaque will also be erected outside the tower to recognise the iconic Brummie.

Image courtesy of BBC

The Starbucks at the bottom of the tower will also be unofficially known as ‘The Garrison’ after the infamous pub in the show, where Tommy and his clan hang out.

The university told The Birmingham Tab that they “feel that Peaky Blinders has become a worldwide hit, and to celebrate the huge success of the show as it reaches an end, it would only be right to name a building after Mr. Shelby”.

“We feel that Muirhead tower is typically disliked by students, therefore we have decided to rename it in order to entice students to use all nine floors that the building has”.

The Garrison pub / Image courtesy of BBC

A grand unveiling of the rename has been announced, and will take place in September. There are plans to invite UoB alumni as well as the majority of the Peaky Blinders cast, including Cillian Murphy and creator Stephen Knight.

The dress code will be “Peaky Blinders chic”, where suits and caps will be sold in a pop-up shop on campus.

The University of Birmingham told The Birmingham Tab that “we can’t wait to bring Peaky Blinders to campus, and it will be a hit with students and alumni alike”.

Ha! You April fools!

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