Circo, Aston, Selly: All the Wordles you could make relating to UoB

How many guesses would it take you to get these wordles?

It seems that just a few weeks ago no one was playing Wordle, or had even heard of it. Now suddenly it is part of everyone’s daily routines: wake up, do the Wordle, and get out of bed.

However, if you have been living under a rock and don’t happen to know what Wordle is, this is a quick summary of the rules.  You get six attempts to try and figure out the five letter word. When you enter a word, there are three possibilities of what could happen to each letter. Firstly, the letter could go grey (an incorrect letter). But some of the letters could also turn yellow, (wrong place). Lastly, the letter could turn green (in the right place).

If Wordle was exclusive to UoB students, based on words around Birmingham, these are definitely the words that would come up.


Obligatory photo outside the front door

This would surely be the first guess for almost UoB students, this is the heart of Birmingham for us. Where we live, shop, study, go out and much more.


Best part of the night out is sometimes the Dixys afterwards

Dixys is the go-to takeaway of almost all students at UoB. No one can resist the supreme burger at four in the morning, hoping this sobers them up before their 9am seminar. However, it takes a special type of student to be able to eat Dixys sober.


Classic circo sofas

Undoubtedly the only place that is worth going to on a Monday, and maybe even the best place on a Friday too. It may be a sweat pit but how can you not love Circo, spending the majority of the night in smokers having heart-to-hearts with complete strangers.


Best room of Przym is undoubtedly the vinyl room

“I swear Przym is the best club in Birmingham” says ever fresher in the first week of uni before they’ve had a chance to discover all the other great nights out Birmingham has to offer. A rogue choice considering the lack of vowels.


Best part of sports night is seeing all the different themes

Obviously the home of the student union has to be included in the UoB wordle. Sports Night and Fab’n’Fresh deserve their recognition. Whether you spend your guild nights in Joes, underground or the mermaid bar there’s no denying its greatness.


I wonder how much money the Tesco’s in selly has made from UoB students buying meal deals every day? The real question is what Tesco is more elite, the express or the garage?


The Costa at the gym is the perfect study place to practice in.


The tower that is famous for all the wrong reasons

More specifically the Muirhead Tower. This iconic tower is an acquired taste, but it is perfect for a quick Starbucks or a study session overlooking the green heart.


In complete juxtaposition to the last word, the Aston (Webb) building is one of the prettiest buildings on campus, sporting the red bricks which make UoB so iconic.


A lovely little stroll

The Birmingham canals are a pride of many UoB students, creating a scenic route for walk in summer or winter. Fun fact: Birmingham actually has more canal than Venice, with Birmingham’s canals stretching 35 miles as opposed to Venice’s 26 mile long canals.


The netball 1s in a group huddle

Sports is one of the pride and glories of the university. With many of our teams winning BUCS competitions and some even entering Super BUCS. And even those students who aren’t athletes can still get involved with sports societies, campus leagues or simply going to watch the games to support fellow students. Up the Lions!


Home of the biggest Primark in the country

A classic nickname for our beloved city.


Everyone needs a photo with the creepy heads in Snobs

Snobs is always a 10/10 night out, especially if you love cheesy tunes and spend your night on the second floor.

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