All your favourite drag queens who you never knew are from Brum

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With the arrival of RuPaul’s Drag Race: UK vs The World comes fresh enthusiasm for the sensational scene of UK drag. Gone are the days when drag culture was a mystifying (but still magnificent) microcosm of western society, figures like RuPaul have helped bring drag queens to the masses.

For the past five years, I have been obsessed with drag. From the minute I discovered RuPaul’s Drag Race, to developing my own drag persona, Lorquesha Del Gey last year, there is not a day where I don’t quote an iconic drag queen phrase or am obsessing over a queen’s new Instagram post. Since moving to Birmingham in 2019, I have delved deep into the Birmingham queer culture. If you’ve ever been to Nightgale’s, Birmingham’s most prolific queen venue, there’s a chance you’ve seen me dancing my ass off in a cheap Amazon wig and charity shop dress.

As it’s LGBTQ+ History Month, it’s time to get to know the drag queens who make Birmingham the vibrant queer scene that it is.

Baga Chipz – West Bromwich

The stunning, classy and sexy Baga originally hails from West Bromwich, despite spending most of her drag career working in East London. Appearing first as a finalist on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season One and now UK vs. The World, she represents British drag.

With her effortless humour portraying Margaret Thatcher on The Snatch Game (a celebrity impersonation challenge) and sharped acting skills, it is clear to see why she is a fan-favourite. She’s arguably the most well-known queen from the West Midlands as she’s appeared on Celebrity MasterChef and The Celebrity Circle. She was able to project drag to a mainstream audience which is why she makes it to the top of this list.

Kitty Scott-Claus – Birmingham

The bubbly and effervescent Kitty is another great representation of British drag. As a finalist from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Three, she slowly but surely worked her way to the top of the competition and showed the nation how caring and charismatic most Brummies are. She is another comedy powerhouse: her portrayal as Gemma Collins on The Snatch Game made me fall in love with her more. Her upbeat persona is very admirable and cemented her as a Drag Race icon.

Sum Ting Wong – Birmingham

Another Season One queen from RuPaul’s Drag Race, Sum Ting paid homage to Birmingham on the runway when dressed as a bull. Despite placing seventh on her season, she definitely did Birmingham proud and she has one of my favourite drag queen names. Her most memorable moment from her season was her lacklustre (but still iconic) performance of David Attenborough on The Snatch Game. She deserves so much more recognition; I really hope she returns to another Drag Race spin-off and I can’t wait to see her perform soon.


Ginny Lemon – Worcester

As a non-binary drag performer, Ginny pushed the boundaries of what drag is on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Two. Before appearing on the show, I saw them perform in The Guild and girl did they put on a show. From singing in German to their outrageous comedy in their show, Ginny became one of my favourite local queens. I was so excited when they showcased alternative drag on the show, opening audiences’ perceptions of what drag is. Their elimination is one of my favourites from all Drag Race franchises. Walking off stage during their ‘Lipsync For Your Life’ was such a bold move: I really respect their decision of playing the game by their own rules and being proud of what they brought to the show. If you want a unique, balmy and hilarious experience, go to a Ginny show, you’ll get more than you bargained for.

Black Peppa – Birmingham

Finally a local drag performer on this list who hasn’t appeared on Drag Race! I saw them perform last year and it was a show-stopping experience. Perfectly executed and acrobatic dancing coupled with a futuristic outfit and lipsync number made Black Peppa an instant obsession. I truly cannot wait to see them perform again and I just know, with or without going on Drag Race, that they will gain even more success.

Hopefully this has inspired you to follow these sickening queens and to support them when they are performing locally, nationally and globally!

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