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Zoë Dixon is UoB’s biggest BNOC 2019!

I don’t think any of us were expecting that

With over 12,000 votes in the final, it's fair to say that the student population of UoB has been pretty invested in their BNOC 2019 – seriously guys, don't you have exams to be revising for? But, all of your long hours of voting have paid off – we finally have a winner!

Zoë Dixon stormed her way through Heat One to face off with three other finalists for the crowning glory of being declared UoB's biggest BNOC 2019. Beating out her competition with over 500 votes, Zoë nabbed the title with a little over 30% of the vote.

The Tab caught up with Zoë to see how she's handling her newfound fame on campus.

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Zoë told us that a that "I'm very surprised to have won BNOC, but very grateful for all the support. It's been a mad one, and my mates can now look forward to me gloating for a year." As you should hun, as you well should.

And how did friends and family react to their darling Zoë winning the title of BNOC? "My sister told me I was a loser and my friends told me Farhan should have won." With friends like that, who needs enemies?

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As the consummate queen of the people, Zoë plans "on having a fat pizza and a trip to the pub to celebrate." A relatable moment for us all, I'm sure -we'll see you at Fab gal.