Why Birmingham University is the best in the UK

We’ve got fab, what more could you want?

selly oak the tab the tab brum UoB

It’s nearing the end of the university year, exams are lurking around the corner and everyone (well most people) are probably stuck inside revising like mad. At this point, you’re probably asking yourself “why did I even come to this uni in the first place?”. So let’s remind ourselves of why Birmingham University is the best place to study and why we all, really, love it here.

Good reputation

Without a doubt, Birmingham Uni is up there as a respectable, academic place to learn. Birmingham is a Red Brick university- they are often regarded as the oldest and most established universities. Due to their oustanding reputation, they were awarded the status to be a uni during the First World War, meaning Birmingham has a history of excellent reputation. Originally, there were only six redbrick universities in the country so Birmingham is really one of the best places to attend in the UK.

Birmingham is a research uni

Birmingham University is one of the uni’s that make up the Russell Group. These are institutions that are highly research intensive,  guaranteeing students the finest and most up-to date research to work with. The UK’s top researchers work at Russell Group universities, therefore, students attending Birmingham Uni can be sure that they are taught by the most professional people there are.

Excellent graduate prospects

This is extremely important and why we are at uni in the first place. University of Birmingham graduates are among the top ten highest earners in the UK; graduating from Birmingham Uni ensures that we have the oppurtunity of securing a successful career ahead of us. Students are able to receive top help and advice from career advisors at Birmingham Uni, making sure that every individual has a clear future plan once they graduate.

City and campus

UOB’s campus is beautiful and it’s a privilege to study in such a picturesque environment. The uni’s history makes it an even more exciting place, while the construction of new buildings ensures the campus maintains liveliness, adding a modern touch.

We are the only uni in the UK to have our own uni train station. Ten minutes on this and you’ve arrived in the heart of  the second biggest city in the country. Surely this means Birmingham Uni has the best of both worlds.


I bet anyone who lives in a small, restricted town can confirm that it is astounding how easy it is to get anywhere you want when walking out your front door in Brum. There are two train stations close to the uni and in 10 minutes, you could be on the train to anywhere in the country. There are countless buses if you don’t mind public transport and the uber service in Birmingham is amazing. In a touch of a button, you can go anywhere for a reasonable price, without the faff of paying by cash.

Old Joe

The great thing about the Univeristy of Birmingham is that it has the tallest, free-standing clock tower in the world- Old Joe. The tower was built in the 1900’s to honour Joseph Chamberlain, who was the first ever Chancellor of the University. Old Joe is a landmark in Birmingham and the tower can be seen for miles around the campus. It has become one of the things the University of Birmingham is most famous for. Compulsory pic next to Old Joe anyone?

Selly Oak

The local student town- Selly Oak, is bustling and thriving with students studying at the university. Selly Oak is convenient for any student, with plenty of supermarkets like Aldi or Tescos, takeaways (who doesn’t love a Roosters?!) and places to buy alcohol, especially independent shops such as Drinks 2 go. Although Selly Oak has a small crime and mugging problem, it is arguably the best place to live as a student.


Finally, we can’t forget about Fab- the greatest and closest ‘club’ to be at on a Saturday night. Who needs Broad Street when you’ve got Fab on your doorstep? It’s brilliant for students when they don’t even have to pay for a taxi to and from Fab, and we love that it’s held on a Saturday night so we don’t have to stumble to our lectures the next day, half drunk and with a banging headache. The fact that most people who go to Fab are Birmingham uni students is also great, as we are bound to bump into someone we know.

Nothing beats Fab..

There are so many more reasons why Birmingham Univeristy is fantastic, but I won’t bore you with them all. The uni will definitely be missed by those graduating- and for those of you who are deciding between going to Birmingham and another university, you know there is only one real option… Birmingham Uni.