FAB centurion granted free entry for tonight’s event

And it’s all because of The Tab

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Earlier this week, The Tab revealed how fifth year Medic student Suzi McFall was about to make her landmark 100th FAB appearance on Saturday night.

Now the lucky party animal has been offered free entry tonight – with a slight chance of a complimentary drink..


Happy as can be

Suzi posted the article to the “Fab N Fresh” Facebook page immediately and received a message from Adam Craig: “The 100th FAB is on us, private messaged you with details.”

Speaking to The Tab regarding this generous offer, Suzi explained: “Adam Craig and Jack Mably both got in contact with me to say that I could have free entry for Saturday’s FAB.

“Adam has also said that he should be able to organise me some sort of complimentary drink, although it hasn’t been confirmed exactly what it will be yet!

“I’m really happy about the free entry and I would like to thank FAB for that.”

Suzi continued and joked: “Although, I need to find a way of keeping the 100th FAB ticket, as with guest list entry you don’t need a paper ticket to get in!” – she knows best.


Bring it on

When asked what the feedback had been like from the article, she said: “I have had some great comments and messages congratulating me on my 100th FAB and a few friends have even messaged who have now graduated asking if they can come back this weekend to celebrate with me.

“Lots of the comments on the article were students setting themselves the goal of achieving 100 FAB’s during their time at UoB!

“Attending 100 FAB’s definitely requires commitment to partying, but I reckon the record could easily be broken again.”

Suzi finished up by saying: “I would like to thank The Tab for covering the story in the first place and publicising my triumph.”

Make sure to get yourselves down to FAB tonight and keep your eyes out for Suzi to have a little celebratory party with her.