Heroic fifth year set to attend landmark 100th FAB this Saturday

She’s kept every single entry ticket

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Fifth year medic student Suzi McFall is set to attend FAB for the 100th time on Saturday night, making her a local legend and record-breaker.

In her first year at Brum, Suzi religiously attended FAB nights but never envisioned her legendary status would be secured through partying at her favourite night out.

Five years later, however, and Suzi is on the verge of a glorious triumph as she prepares to get messy at FAB for the 100th night – and become a record-breaker in the process.

You can count every single ticket…

Speaking to The Tab ahead of the big occasion, Suzi recounted her inspiring journey from the very beginning.

She said: “After my first few FAB’s in first year, I ended up with the other half of the tickets that the bouncers had handed to me and I never got round to throwing them away.

“For some reason I then just decided to collect them by pinning them on my bedroom wall and now I always ask the bouncers if I can have the other half of the ticket.

“Last year, me and my friends decided to count them all and I’ve been keeping track of what number FAB I’m on ever since.”

All night long

By that point FAB had become part of Suzi’s weekly routine.

She continued: “It’s no secret that I am a big fan of a good night out and so FAB on Saturday is the obvious choice!

“I just got into a habit of going to FAB every Saturday and then on the Sunday afterwards going for a post-FAB gossip at The Soak or Selly Sausage and then going to buy tickets for the next Saturday’s event.”

When asked why she chose FAB over any other club in Brum, she said: “I just absolutely love FAB.

“For me, there is nowhere that is more fun and the main reason I enjoy it is because you always end up bumping into loads of people you know.

“I just love how it’s one big UoB party!

“There’s also the obvious advantages, like it’s really cheap and easy because you don’t have to worry about taxis – and with no lectures the next morning, everyone is always up for going out.

How can you hate FAB?

Suzi finished up by joking: “You would have thought after 99 FAB’s the excitement would wear off, but I genuinely think for me, it has got even more exciting as the years have passed by.

“I am buzzing for Saturday night.”

Suzi is yet to ask for free entry and complimentary drinks for Saturday night, but hopefully FAB will be generous considering she must have spent an absolute fortune there over the last five years.