The Feng does Stuesdays sober

It was part of Dry January

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Many students say they can’t imagine having a good night out sober, but is it really that hard to head to the SU for a sober evening? In the spirit of Dry January, BNOC 2015 Christina Feng went to Stuesdays sober last week to find out.

It all started in Urban Village, where pre-drinks consisted of a vodka Diet Coke, minus the vodka. Pumped on sugar instead of alcohol, I still managed to have a good time. Urban played some bangers to get me in the mood, and it was a nice change to dance to every song and be totally aware and in control of where I was flailing my limbs.

Then it moved onto Stuesdays, my first of 2016, and as soon as I entered I felt an irresistible urge to start dancing.

Loving it without the booze

I’m actually having a good time, promise

Although I hadn’t touched a drop of alcohol, I still felt pretty much the same in Players as I had on previous nights out, where I had been smashed on one too many VKs, Caribbean Twist or spirit mixers.

Determined to stick to my Dry January resolution, I had to resist the enticing VKs. Because everyone thinks it’s essential to be smashed to have a good time at Stuesdays, several people tried to offer me sips of their drinks that night and were shocked to learn that I’m observing an entire month sober.

Blue VK is my normal favourite

Blue VK is my normal favourite

Everyone who found out I was sober responded in disbelief and few could stomach the idea of following my example. A sober night out in general is a no-no, but a Stuesdays? Absolutely no chance.

I expected the buzz to die pretty quickly without any drinks to keep be going, but somehow that night I managed to stay at Stuesdays all the way until the end, before finally making it back home at 4:30 am.

Going out sober taught me that a night out is just as fun without the booze, and has added benefits of no hangovers to deal with the morning. Win-win really.

For those who are thinking of giving up alcohol for a while, or still doing Dry January – don’t be afraid to do it, it is a lot easier than you might think.

All you need is some soft drinks, a good crowd and some bangers to dance to.