Fresher offers £10 to look after his goldfish over Christmas break

It’s a big Juan

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A fresher has offered £10 to “fish-sit” over the Christmas break because he doesn’t want to introduce him to his parents.

Business Management student, Time Xuerub, advertised the unusual employment on the uni’s fresher Facebook page, promising £10 to the lucky student who was up to the task of looking after his fish and returning him alive.

Tim purchased Juan, the fish in need of care, over Freshers’ Week and didn’t want him to meet the parents just yet.

A candidate was needed immediately as they didn’t want Juan to make the stressful journey back to Tim’s hometown.

What a catch

What a catch

Speaking to The Tab about his search, Tim said: “It has been difficult trying to find a fishsitter at uni, and no one seems receptive to our interview process.”

The role was not too demanding and only simple tasks were required, such as feeding him once a day and, of course, returning him alive.

However, not everyone was taking the search as seriously as Tim, with comments such as: “He’s not the Juan for me.”

Though some people were trying to offer helpful alternatives in case the job fell through.

One fresher replied offering their advice: “You can buy fish feed blocks quite cheap, that release food each day for a certain amount of time.”

"MUST return him alive"

‘MUST return him alive’

When it seemed our fish lover was about to lose hope, there was a silver lining: “We feel we have found a great candidate to look after Juan (our fancy goldfish), so hopefully his future will be bright.”

The chosen candidate is yet to comment, could it be pre-fishsitting nerves?

The Tab wishes Juan the best over Christmas, and we hope to see him alive and flipping in January.