The Tab tries: Making pizza naan

They’re surprisingly delicious

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Pizza Hut released two curry naan pizzas to celebrate National Curry Week, but we decided to try and make our own.

You might not believe it, but they were surprisingly delicious…

Faye White, fourth year English Literature


There has to be something better than this?


• One jar of korma curry sauce

• Plain naan bread

• New Potatoes

• Spinach

• Buffalo mozzarella

“I was a bit apprehensive about putting this in my mouth at first, because during the actual making of the naan, it looked like literal shit. It was surprisingly delicious, I would definitely eat it again.”


Things got messy…

Suzzane Stone, second year African and Anthropology Studies


Lovely Masala


•  Naan bread

•  Fried onions

•  Garlic

•  Tikka masala sauce

•  Chicken

•  Potatoes

•  Spinach

•  Crushed poppadum

•  Mango chutney

•  Cheese

“And so the curry calzone was born. It’s hard to say what’s best about this creation. You can literally do any combination of it you want, and even a person who struggles to make microwave popcorn can make it. Either way, it’s out with the Pizza Naan, and in with the curry calzone.”

Tucking in...

Tucking in…

Elizabeth Wooton, second year English Literature and Classical Literature and Civilisations

Loving these

Loving these


•   Onion

•   Chicken breasts

•   Half a jar of korma sauce

•   Pepper

•   Spinach

•   Cherry tomatoes

•   Garlic

•   Naan bread

“We came up with this recipe completely from scratch so didn’t really know if it would work. But we love pizza, and we love curry, so we knew it couldn’t go too badly. It’s the perfect quick, cheap and filling meal, three things that really appeal to us – and what’s even better is there really isn’t a set recipe. We decided on korma, but you can definitely spice it up a little with a more heated tandoori or tikka masala. Or swap the peppers for mushrooms. Have a play around and celebrate curry in this new and very tasty way.”



Marya Norat, third year, Geography

Cooking nicely

Cooking nicely


• Dough bread (made from scratch)

• Coriander

• Tomato

• Garlic

• Tandoori chicken

• Mozzarella



“Cooked to perfection. Besides almost burning the house down, we encountered no major problems. I attempted to create my own naan bread from scratch, and although I’d never tried to make one before, I’d eaten plenty, and didn’t think it would create much of a challenge.”