Meet the BNP Youth, they’re absolutely terrifying

Move aside, Leni Riefenstahl, the British National Party have filmed some teenagers having a go at Stephen Lawrence’s mum


The BNP has released a campaign video featuring its teenage members  – and it’s frightening.

Against a backdrop of sinister music, a pack of decent young Brits tell you why Blighty is going down the pan.

Targets of their anger include:

• Militant homosexuals who push to undermine the family.
• Heartless Zionists who send soldiers to die for private profit.
• The cultural Marxists who infest our teaching establishment.
• Stephen Lawrence’s mum (because the media pander to her)

The three minute clip – which at time of publication had just 3,847 views – crescendos with the rallying cry: “This is not a request, it is a demand.”


Comments on the video, entitled Fight Back, were largely supportive. One user wrote: “All dislikes come from those who are with the enemy, either the brainwashed ignorants, or the mass immigrants who are being permitted to enter Britain and its White Nation brothers by those who are responsible. Stay strong and Unite! Hail White Pride!!”

Thanks to our friends at Filterview for the tip.


This comes shortly after The BNP released its party broadcast video. It featured a disappointed Bulldog, a hymn that sounds like it was written by Elgar, if Elgar had received a massive head injury, and an animated Nick Griffin who appears much thinner than in real life.

Oh, and penguins. The video literally had immigrant penguins. Note to the BNP: the documentary isn’t March of the Penguins into Britain. One scene even has a penguin wearing a Burka. Because if Britain doesn’t stand up against the radicalisation of Antarctic aquatic birds, who will? The best part of being a suicide bomber in the Antarctic is that you don’t even need semtex to destroy an igloo, just a hairdryer.

So, can this video live up to the BNP’s previous effort? Can it outdo Jihadi Penguins? Well, it tries bloody hard.

I don’t want to reveal too much of the content because it might spoil the full WTF effect of the video. But here are a few things to keep an eye out for:

The first guy on screen awkwardly reciting his speech. Presumably he’s reading from an Autocue or a prompt card. Of course, he may just have memorised the message he dawbed on an immigrant’s door this morning.


The next guy, who is living proof that the white gene isn’t superior. Hell, I’d be happy to accept Sharia law, if the condition was that he had to wear a burkha.


The guy with the afro who leaps at the camera every time he says “Our”.


The fact they use someone wearing glasses to complain about “dumbing down”, as though to say LOOK, SHE’S WELL CLEVER. SHE PROBABLY READS BOOKS AND ALL.


The scene where the video cuts to a picture of all of them together, making them look like the worst cast of Glee ever. I don’t think I’ve ever said this about a video on the internet before but that’s one orgy I don’t want to see.

The woman who adds yet another level of insanity to the mix by calling the media, foreigners, and pretty much everyone an “unholy alliance”.


“Militant Homosexuals”, the ones who want to “push for gay marriage and gay adoption”. Why do they want these things? Because they want their love recognised as equal and they want the opportunity to raise a child in a warm and protective atmosphere? No, it’s all “in order to destroy the traditional family unit”.

Quite why gay couples would want to destroy the traditional family unit or how gay marriage directly harms this family unit is never explained.

The homophobia here is so apparent I don’t even need to point it out. The only thing worth saying about it is that if she hates the homosexual community so much then she should really take that pink Crew Clothing sweater off because there’s no way that was designed by a straight guy.


The guy announcing “This is not a request. This is a demand”. Pretty strong claim considering there’s about seven of you. Forgive my underwear for remaining unshitted.

There you have it.

Feel free to watch it over and over. And if you do get bored why not turn it into a drinking game?

If you want to get tipsy, drink a shot for every time they say something mildly racist. If you want to get drunk, drink everytime they say something completely racist. If you want to become a BNP supporter, neck bottle after bottle of paint thinner until you lose the ability to use monosyllabic words.