Jack Rivlin

Jack Rivlin


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Mo money, mo journalism

We just got more funding

Donald Trump was elected by people too embarrassed to admit it

‘Millions of white people kept their mouths shut, went into the booth, checked over their shoulders and voted Trump’

The Isle of Wight belongs to a different century, and that’s what makes it brilliant

A love letter to The Island

Jonny Wilkinson: please get rid of that excuse for a beard

Do it for all the other men who can’t grow beards

Within hours of being published, The Guardian’s dig at The Tab unravelled

Oh dear

No, there is not a student binge drinking epidemic

It’s actually in decline, but try telling the police or the NUS that

Come on then, let’s see your Prophet Mohammed cartoon

I don’t want to join a Holy War before it’s even started

As a law student, can you please shut the fuck up

Your typical ‘lawyer’ is a charmless, robotic smuggard

Shit battery life is making my shit life even worse

Do you have an iPhone charger I can borrow?

Please stop wearing Christmas jumpers

Wearing Rudolph’s face on your chest isn’t quirky or cute – it makes you look like a wet playgroup assistant called Lolly.

1.3 million people read The Tab last month

It’s hotter than Bitcoin and much more trustworthy – join The Tab now.

Prof denies setting up uni prostitution site

– Dr John Chalcraft appears to be victim of malicious spoof
– Historian listed as owner of SponsorAScholar.co.uk

Living with a famous name

Meet students Ricky Martin, Sean Paul, Lois Lane and more

The Porn Debate Shows The Union At Their Best

JACK RIVLIN: ‘Idiots will criticise the pornography debate and its speakers, but it is controversy – in the truest sense of the word – that the Union exists for.’

Review: Sidney Sussex May Ball

JACK RIVLIN: ‘Disappointingly for the bitchy reviewer inside me, Sidney Sussex was a hoot. They put substance over style, and it really came off.’

How we Stopped Caring About the Middle East

JACK RIVLIN: Pro-Israelers and Pro-Palestiners both claim neutrals are rooting for the other side. They haven’t realised that we long since turned our backs on them both.

The State of the Union

JACK RIVLIN asks why the Union is so terrified of sex.

Cambridge Mephedrone Use Revealed

A Tab survey has revealed the extent of Mephedrone use among Cambridge students.

Cops Fail to Shut Down Fair

Cambridge cops have failed in their bid to shut down the popular Strawberry Fair.

Interviewing an Oxbridge Sex Blogger

JACK RIVLIN: “Interviewing an Oxbridge sex blogger is a little bit like losing your virginity”

Urban Myths You Wish Were True

Is 2Pac alive? Did Lil Bow Wow really get bummed? Find out in our run-down of urban myths.

Tab Interview: Scroobius Pip

Scroobius Pip talks to JACK RIVLIN about his new album, being British and why he hated Trinity Hall June Event. Listen to new track Get Better here.

No Rollerblading on Sidgwick Site

Rollerblading has been BANNED on the Sidgwick site. Photo: Louis Sinclair

Fitz Gives Place to 14 Year Old Maths Prodigy

A 14-year old Maths prodigy is set to become the youngest Cambridge undergrad in 273 years after recieving an offer from Fitzwilliam College.

Top Ten Weird Fetishes

Discover the deviance you didn’t know existed: The Tab takes you through the world’s ten weirdest fetishes.

Home A-Loan

Two directors of the Students Loan Company have resigned after cock-ups meant thousands of students were stranded without loans until DECEMBER.

Varsity Trip Review

Desipite logistical nightmares, Varsity Trip 2009 was simply too big to fail. Four out of Five.

All I Want For Christmas is: an end to the shallow, image-obsessed, X-Factor culture

JACK RIVLIN: Why I’m backing Rage Against The Machine for Christmas number 1, even though I hate their music.

CUSU Condoms Sabotaged

Saboteurs are piercing holes through condoms which are left unsecured in the CUSU office and then sold to JCRs.

Official: Griffin is Worst Tab

Nick Griffin voted worst Cantabrigian in landslide ‘victory.’ See all Griffin’s reaction and full results here.

Trinity Rapper Zeeko

Watch Trinity rapper Ossie ‘Zeeko’ Akushie being interviewed by TabTV and Kelvin Mackenzie.

Queen Visits Cambridge

Watch a video of The Queen arriving at King’s

Liz and Phil Visit Cam

The Queen and Prince Philip today visited Kings College as part of Cambridge’s 800th Anniversary celebrations. Videos and Photos here.

John’s Escape Downing Upset

St. John’s narrowly avoided a first league loss in 5 years as they edged a close encounter at Downing pitches, winning 12-10.

Basket Case

Police who raided a cannabis factory were stunned to find a crop of powerful skunk plants growing in HANGING BASKETS, it emerged yesterday.

Stephen Hawking in Hit Single

Grow a Mo for Charity: Movember

The Tab wants you to grow a moustache for November and help raise awareness of prostate cancer.

Week 4 Rugby Round Up

This week saw relegation favourites Catz and Girton suffer again Meanwhile, Downing v Jesus was controversially postponed.

M[assively] T[otally] V[acuous]

JACK RIVLIN argues that MTV’s Berlin Wall show is as tasteless as an out of date Rustlers burger.

Cheese & Status

Website of the Week: Date Ariane

Who said virtual dating was for geeks? Well women obviously, but who needs them when you have Ariane.

This isn’t a Man’s World

JACK RIVLIN argues that British masculinity needs to change if gender disputes are to be settled.

Dizzee Rascal ft. King’s Choir

Website of the Week: Rave Generator

www.ravegenerator.com lets you create a 90s rave in seconds.


JACK RIVLIN discusses the identity crisis facing Cambridge student journalism.


One for the (very) latecomers

Clubbing in Cambridge

Defending ‘Cambridge nightlife’ from criticism that it’s an oxymoron, here’s The Tab’s guide to Clubbing in Cam.

Suicide Dean Faced Sex Claims

The Dean of King’s has been found dead after it emerged he was being investigated for child abuse.

Cambridge Kids Catch Villain

A 23-year-old driver who tried to escape arrest was captured after Cambridge schoolchildren helped to hunt him down.

Boy 8Bit remixes FloMo

Honorary Degree for Road Sweeper

A Cambridge road sweeper is to be awarded an honorary degree from the University.