Best places to get freebies on your birthday in Aberdeen

Ballin on a budget has never been easier

Students love birthdays. Students also love free things. Sadly, most celebrations are often followed with a bad hangover and an even worse bank statement.

For my birthday this year I therefore took it upon myself to go out and see how many stores will actually give me presents, instead of taking my money, around Aberdeen


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Preparation is key

Most people already know the free 'alcoholic' drink you get when taking your birthday bash to a restaurant. But after a quick google search it became clear that the fun doesn't have to stop with an over-glorified glass of orange juice.

In the days leading up to the big day I found 10 different places that are guaranteed to brighten up your day on your big b-day.

The majority of places require you to sign up to their app and reward systems in advance. In the procrastinating nature of students, I did not do this until the day before. Surprise surprise.

If you commit to the game you will be able to score even more gifts, but in my case, these were all I could manage.

The Big Day

On the day of my birthday I visited the culinary hot spot of Aberdeen, Union Square.

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The (2nd) happiest place on earth

Krispy Kreme

The first destination was located right next to the entrance and would promise me a free donut of my choice.

Requirements: Krispy Kreme and Friends app

On the day of your birthday they will send you a voucher and by signing up to the app you also get a free glazed donut, WINNING

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First win!


It's no surprise that the north's favourite bakery is thinking of you on your birthday.

Preparation: Signing up to the Greggs rewards app

To my disappointment, vegan sausage rolls were not included in this deal, but you get to chose any sweet item.

More donuts it is.

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Who needs a birthday cake?


Continuing the journey to free sweets took us next door to Subway.

Preparation: Download the subway rewards app and you will recieve a voucher on your birthday

Not a foot long but the Rainbow Cookie is the real star of the shop anyways.

Frankie & Benny's

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Ready for the second course

Having dessert before dinner was fun but eventually it was time to move on to real food.

Preparation: Sign up to the Frankie & Benny's app

On the day you will get a voucher for a free main meal on the app. While this might be a bit inconvenient for bigger dinners, my star photographer and I enjoyed our pizza and went on.


Not everything free has to be edible. If you pay a visit to the Benefit Beauty bar you can pick up a Benefit Brow Bar FOR FREE.

Preparation: Collect a Debenhams Beauty card and sign up online

Thanks to the convincing cashiers in Debenhams I was already a proud owner of a beauty card, although most of my make up collection is more Superdrug than Benefit.

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This will have to do

In fact, I was so excited about this one, that I forgot to take a picture.


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Now this one is where I screwed up.

Preparation: Download app at least 6 days in advance

My last minute attempt at scoring a free burrito did not work. If you remember the week before your birthday you will receive a voucher for this as well. Something to remember for next year.

Yo Sushi

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Not entirely free but 1/3 off your bill isn't too shabby. Bring along up to 3 people and have 10 plates each!

The voucher will be sent to you on your birthday but can be redeemed for an entire month afterwards.

Preparation: Sign up to the Yo! Sushi newsletter

Other honourable mentions:

While these don't just hand out free things, I do recommend checking the other group friendly offers that can make your birthday dinner a lot more affordable.


Considering some Italian food for your next birthday party might be worth it with this offer!

If 2 or more people order main courses, one is for free. If 4 or more order main courses, you get a free bottle of prosecco as well!

The bottle can be substituted with up to 4 soft drinks, but let's be honest, who really wants that.

Preparation: Sign up to the Zizzi mailing list and you'll receive a voucher a month before your birthday

Las Iguanas

If you order one main, the birthday one is for free!

Preparation: Sign up to the Las Iguanas newsletter and you'll be emailed a voucher at the relevant time

ASK Italian

While you technically don't get anything for free here, £20 off the bill can almost save you more in the end. The bill has to be at least £50. Almost sounds like a 2 for 1 to me.

Preparation: Sign up to the ASK Italian mailing list and enter your date of birth. You'll get a voucher around the time of your birthday

Remember to show the waiter your voucher before ordering your meal.

Pizza Hut

Pizza hut treats you to a free cookie dough dessert with your pizza! Only works on a single portion and not the sharer.

Preparation: Register online with Pizza Hut and you'll be emailed a voucher around the time of your birthday

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Everything tastes better when it's free

Now it's time to enjoy all your gifts, that not even your friends had to pay for.

Is there better things to do on your birthday than to hunt for free things? Maybe. But everything's fun after a couple mimosas.

Happy Birthday everyone!!