Boo! It’s Aberdeen’s spookiest Clubbers of the Week

As scary as the Atik queue on Halloween

Halloween in a club is always interesting- it's not everyday you see a Bishop in a photo booth. If you're still looking for a costume, this may provide you with some inspiration on what to wear (or what not to wear) out this Halloween.

Without further ado, here are the clubbers of the week; Halloween edition.

Best couple

Image may contain: Photo Booth, Human, Person

Those are the cold, dead eyes of an Economics student

Most eclectic group

Image may contain: Jeans, Denim, People, Female, Pants, Beard, Clothing, Apparel, Human, Person, Face

Introducing the next phase of Marvel heroes

Best SFX makeup

Image may contain: Apparel, Clothing, Performer, Tattoo, Human, Person, Skin

Dedication to the night

Best retro outfits

Image may contain: Night Club, Club, Accessory, Accessories, Sunglasses, Clothing, Apparel, Person, Human

The VKs add a modern touch

Most meme potential

Image may contain: Performer, Long Sleeve, Clothing, Sleeve, Apparel, Human, Person

Blessing your night

Best photobomb

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"Good relations with the Wookies, I have."

Best hair

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Half of this group may actually be mermaids

Most 'over it'

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That is the face of the exhausted mum friend

Cutest clubbers

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Now this is just wholesome

Best crowd

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I'll have what she's having

Photo Credits:

Crash! Fridays: Stuart Taylor, Private Photography

Atik/ Vanity Fridays: Ruskin Fox Photography

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