What’s really more important, the dissertation deadline or Aberdeen’s clubbing elite?

Clearly the latter, get your priorities straight

You might feel like your social life has been falling behind trying to hit those last deadlines of the semester. It's queues at Costa rather than ATIK and somehow spending three pounds for a latte isn't nearly as satisfying as getting two VK for the same price.

What's better to lift your mood than to check out the things you've missed last week…or maybe you were lucky enough to escape.

Most skilled clubber

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You'll never have to wonder "what can that mouth do" again

Most disappointed clubber

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"Come they said. It'll be fun, they said"

Nicest clubbers of the week

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We hope you feel better to Giles, maybe next time they can bring the House Party to you

Yung clubbers of the week

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Anyone remember the squad pictures from under-18 parties?

Classiest pregnancy announcement

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VK are known to be very nutritious, for mom and child

Bromance of the week

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These lads make me believe in Bros before Hoes again

Worst clubbers

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Your dissertation suddenly doesn't seem like the worst date anymore

Most done clubber

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Those eyes are screaming for a chicken kebab

Prettiest photobomb of the week

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The easter bunny came early this year

Threesome of the week

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Not sure who's enjoying this the most, but they boys aren't leaving the club alone tonight, that's for sure

Creds for these gems:

VANITY Fridays: Photos by Lauren Polson Photography

MILK THURSDAYS: Photos by Ruskin Fox

House Party by UG: Pirate Photography

Prohibition: Silver City Photography