Aberdeen’s first best dressed on campus

Proving there is more to life than puffa jackets

Shoutout to everyone who was looking amaze on campus this week. Who knew Aberdeen had so much fashion potenital? We found some style icons in-between the mass of hoodies and leggings.

Kirsty, Law

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Proving those red sunnies belong in AND out of the club.

Marvin, Sports Science

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Arguably better dressed than Marvin Humes?

Renata, Psychology

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More co-ordinated than we will ever be.

John, Politics and International Relations

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Look at that pose, clearly not an amateur at the outfit pic. This is how you make the Soundcloud DJ look work. Obvs not been to UG in those clean white shoes.

Tessa, Primary Ed

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Proving double denim can and SHOULD be rocked and is not restricted to year 2000 Britney Spears

Paul, Psychology

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Making us want to drop £200 on a North Face jacket. He just looks so cozy.

You've inspired us to upgrade our wardrobe from a UoA jumper and last night's jeans. Thank you to these lovely students for letting us snap them when they were trying to get to class ASAP. We appreciate it.