Club Bingo: Aberdeen Edition

Everyone’s favourite game to play when drunk

Freshers' is over, classes are dragging, and partying it up every night is the only form of release. Next time you find yourself bored on a night out in the 'deen, take a look around and try your hand at our club bingo!


WHY IS EVERYONE SO BEAUT? Pretty girls totter about in heels and their best LBDs, as flashy boys with Rolexes down a bottle of Ciroc.

It’s marmite. You either love it or hate it, either way, it’s an Aberdeen staple.


Underground is basically a parody of itself. You’ll love this club, coming back again and again to those red cups, free entry, and cheesy tunes. However, the overly friendly panda guy doesn't quite make this the classiest night out in the 'deen.

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Beloved, celebrated, and previously known affectionately as Inny, Atik is the club that brings students of all backgrounds together. It's the club we love to hate and hate to love. I don’t think any student can say they have not stepped through these VK-stained doors.

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From Aberdeen Snow's favourite RARE Thursdays to techno lovers' paradise MELD on Tuesdays, Tunnels provides one of the most unique scenes in the 'deen. However, the distinct lack of ABBA doesn't quite make it everyone's cup of tea.

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Tucked away up the stairs from Triplekirk’s lies a safe haven from freshers and rugby boys alike. Exo brings together locals and students one sex-on-the-beach pitcher at a time and feels like the love child of an 80s rave and a school disco.

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With Aberdeen's nightlife being so diverse, it's unsurprising that some real sights can be seen in our student locals. Next time you lose your pals on the dance floor or are hiding from last week's pull, chop a VK, grab a club bingo card, and start spotting!