Aberdeen SU are giving students free kits to find out if your MDMA is real

They are entirely free and anonymous to use

Aberdeen University Student Association have announced they will be handing out drug testing kits to students.

The kits can be picked up from the AUSA advice centre and can be used to test MDMA and ecstacy.

They are free of charge and can be collected anonymously.

Through a post on Facebook, AUSA said they have a limited supply of drug testing kits available for students.


Harry Chalklin, AUSA Welfare Officer explained to the Tab Aberdeen that, although the kits cannot detect exactly what the drugs might be laced with, they will quickly show if an adulterant is present after a simple test.

He also explained: “Drug testing kits are provided for free from AUSA advice. They are for Ecstacy and MDMA at the moment. At AUSA we do not condone or support drug use as they are controlled substances and their use and sale is illegal in the UK.

“We however recognise that students are the most likely to use such substances and wish them to do so in the safest way possible given the current law. We provide these kits anonymously and they are simple to use.

A tiny sample should be put in to the vile which has a colour agent in them. This reacts and can tell you the purity of the substance and adulterants present. It doesn’t tell you what these might be, but just their presence.”