Every person you will meet at an Aberdeen party

Can you spot yourself?

As drink prices rise and temperatures fall, students are looking to revitalise their old friend, the House Party. A cosy, comfortable alternative to trekking Union Street through the 30mph winds, house parties are on the rise again, with one party location even featuring in Vice! Read on for a concise list of everyone you can expect to meet at a party in Aberdeen, and if you can't find yourself…you're probably a fridge raider.

The Aux Hogger

Easy to find, they will be sat in close proximity of the speakers, nodding their head to every song that plays. Don't be fooled by the fluidity of their music choices, they've spent three hours putting together a 'quick queue', which, now that you listen closely, vaguely resembles the Tunnels playlist. If you are brave enough to request a song other than She Sips A Coca-Cola, they'll tell you to put it in the queue and then swiftly remove it, feigning surprise: "you must have been out of the room when it played!"

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You ask her what's happening…

The Fridge Raider

You will wonder how on earth they get so drunk on that half can of beer you saw them with two hours ago – it has less alcohol % in it than a VK?! Until you realise that, under the camouflage of drunk dance and talk, they scour the table tops and fridge drawers for any trace of alcohol, much like a seagull spying on a student's meal deal. They are the connoisseur of mixing alcohols.

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Are these beers taken?

Insta White Girl

No Aberdeen party is complete with a flock of girls wearing fishnets/space buns/ tie dye tops. With polaroid camera in hand, they will spend the night taking incomprehensible pictures through the dark, dingy rooms. They sip echo falls through a straw and will only leave once they have deposited glitter on everything and everyone. You'll still be picking it out of your hair in your Monday tutorial.

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Not enough glitter!!

The 'Social Smoker'

They "don't even like smoking", but that won't stop them from tanning a cigarette from every single person at the party, friend or strange. After a double vodka, they may as well smoke 50 a day. A seasoned socialite they can hold a conversation with anyone, and in doing so all their new friends feel obliged to offer a cig, and like this, the social smoker makes it through the night, every time.

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Do you even smoke?

The Entertainer

Somehow, they know EVERYONE, and everyone knows them. It's difficult to have a conversation with them because they will be called at from every corner of the room every five minutes. They are the kind of people that don't get ID'd for Institute because they 'know the bouncer' and 85p singles become doubles. They flit from group to group, strengthening avid connections and taking selfies. A local celeb, and an even bigger name than the Rugby boys, your party will gain ultimate respect if you manage to get The Entertainer there.

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Let me entertain you

Your New Best Friend

She's drunker than you, but she's just SO nice that you can't help but believe that she really does want to meet up for a "revision sesh in Starbucks next week". She adds you on Facebook and reveals her latest anguishes so as to really tighten the bond. After that you'll see her post pictures of more parties and nights out, and even though she's at Nox every week you never seem to bump into each other. After a couple of weeks, you pass each other on the stairs of Duncan Rice and with just an awkward smile exchanged, you break it to yourself that that friend-ship has well and truly sailed.

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Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend

No matter which one of these spectacular characters you identify as, whether you're hitting up the smoking area or consoling the insta girl in the bathroom, there's nothing quite like getting down in the 'deen.