Aberdeen students occupying the admin building are being denied fresh air breaks

Along with access to showers and independent toilet access

Student occupiers at Aberdeen uni say they’re are not being allowed to leave the building for fresh air, are being individually escorted to the bathroom and not allowed to shower.

The group had their right to fresh air breaks revoked yesterday, which they find “outright unbelievable,” and those who smoke are really struggling “going without a cigarette indefinitely.”

The students have been occupying the senior management hallway in the University’s administration building since last Tuesday.

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The group shared that university management lied to about open access to the building, meaning if they leave they are unable to return.

They were previously allowed visitors from AUSA, the UCU and general staff, but this was revoked yesterday, along with the right to fresh air.

The students have been relying on food being delivered from supporters, but now “all deliveries now have to go through security.”

Five security guards are stationed at each end of the corridor at all time to watch the students.

A university spokesperson told The Tab Aberdeen: “Security staff have been accompanying students outside for fresh air breaks however this requires 24/7 security presence, which is unsustainable and has a huge impact on resources.”

The students have also been having tense experience with university management.

The source claimed that in meetings management “refuse to cooperate and act in an infantile manner.”

A spokesperson for Aberdeen Students Support the Strike, said: “The other day the University Secretary threw her watch out of the room in a fit of anger after an occupier gently pointed out that the University Secretary’s Apple Watch was an electronic device (at the time management had insisted on no electronic devices in that meeting).

“This is yet another example of management being utterly untrustworthy, and treating students with utter disrespect and disregard.”

Despite this, the student occupiers say that their morale is still high.