SPECTRA Festival lights up the streets of Aberdeen once again

Aberdeen baby you light up my world like nobody else

SPECTRA, Aberdeen’s Festival of Light, was back last week for its fifth year, showcasing Scottish and international artists in its fantastical light shows. The event ran from the 8th to the 11th of February, and students you've better not have missed it because it was entirely free.

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The event has been absolutely gorgeous every year without fail, with beautiful intricate lightshows in the dark, loads of light-based things to do and close proximity to every fast food restaurant on union street. It’s the pre-pres activity of your dreams!

Last year, SPECTRA pulled crowds of 7,500 on its first night with UV face painting, massive illuminated spiders and interactive light exhibits. This year brought us light up see-saws which ‘activate beings’ (don’t know what that means, exactly, but it was a perfect mix of lovely and weird), a light exhibition which toured the US, and ‘Light Battle’, an archway of thousands of lights, and ten bikes to challenge your friends and light up the archway. This plus a whopping 13 more attractions.

In a nod to The Year of Young People, SPECTRA’s theme this year was ‘Play the Night’. To truly show the young their love, SPECTRA included a ton of gigs all over Aberdeen. Tunnels hosted Fiona Soe Paing, Bruch and Mental Overdrive on Friday night, Unit presented James Orvis and Clever Lever on Saturday. Throughout the weekend Orka, Wrangler, Mammῡt amongst others also killed it at The Assembly.

I for one had a spectacular night gathering my troops, wrapping them in anything cosy and bringing them to stare at the pretty lights. Next year's event is already in my calander.