Meet the hero who was skiing around Aberdeen yesterday

This is what 4th year does to you

Aberdeen woke up to a blanket of snow yesterday. After getting up and taking some beaut Instagram photos, most of you probably got back into your nice warm bed. Maybe even some of you made it to the library.

One 4th year had a different idea.

Donning his dressing gown and skis, Calum Hoad made good use of the little snow Aberdeen gets.

You may have seen our video yesterday of Geography student Calum getting some slope action, and we took him out of revision and dissertation hell to ask him some pressing questions.

Bringing your skis to uni with you, only in Aberdeen

Posted by The Tab Aberdeen on Thursday, November 30, 2017

Have you ever skied to campus?

Yesterday was my Aberdeen ski debut – so no I've never made it to campus.

What was your top speed?

A solid 10mph (if I'm optimistic). Still, it's the fastest I've moved since I started my dissertation.

How do the streets of Aberdeen compare to the Alps?

I've never had to worry about van drivers or seagulls whilst skiing abroad.

The Aberdeen wind was a bit worrying with my dressing gown. I would not recommend Europeans coming to Aberdeen for the skiing.

Least it was a bit quieter than alpine resorts.

Why did you think this was a good idea?

I'd been watching the weather all week hoping to get to Glenshee this weekend. Looking out the window I thought there was no way skis would shift, but optimistically chucked on my dressing gown and ski boots anyway and was outside the door within 5 mins of being woken up.

Kicked into the skis and couldn't believe it when they actually slid, I got a bit carried away and disappeared off towards the hill at the end of the street – didn't realise how daft I looked till the builders stopped what they were doing for a chat.

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Why do more people in Aberdeen not get out this way?

Waterskiing would work better in Aberdeen during winter, being so close to the sea snow barely hangs around for long enough to get the skis on.

Hopefully I've inspired some other desperate skiers to make the most of whatever we get in Scotland this season

Would you recommend to a friend?

Don't know about 10/10 for the quality of the skiing, but getting a slide in before going to the library was a solid 9/10!