Everything that students should say to their mums today

Don’t tell me you forgot

Mums are not human. They can’t be. With all they do for us, plus holding down their own jobs and social lives and various extra curricular like pilates or shouting at the TV soaps, there is no way that any normal human being would be able to resist from self destructing. It’s that time of year again where we make a pretty pathetic attempt to show our mums how much they mean to us, however impossible that may be. Now that you’re way from home, there are a few things you should say to your mum this Mothers Day…

‘Wait what? I swear I told dad to get the flowers’

Getting a present for Mothers Day is the worst. Your mum deserves a holiday to every single country in the world, but in reality, you’re searching ‘Gifts for Mums’ with the settings on to display ‘Price low to high’. Whether it was your dad or your sibling you counted on to get your mum a present that is WAY below the standards of what she deserves, they probably forgot.

‘I am sorry that I couldn’t come and spend the day with you, it’s just that I actually have 0% of my life under control’

Deadlines, work, studying, lack of funds, studying, exams, studying, studying. Even if you did travel home to see your mum today, chances are you would be curled up in the corner as a living ball of stress. Uni does not allow time for showing your mum how much you love her.

‘Thank you for always making me believe that my most unachievable dreams were achievable’

No matter what you wanted to be or do, she always told you it was possible. I wanted to be a mermaid when I was little, and never once did my mum point out that it was a slightly impractical career path. To this day, your mum is the most reliable support system you will ever find, and she is the reason why you are where you are today.

‘So, you were right about that guy/girl…’

HOW DO THEY DO IT??? Whether it is a bad boyfriend or girlfriend, or simply a false friend, mums always get it right. If they meet someone and aren’t keen, don’t be naive and think ‘they’ll be wrong about this one’. They won’t be. They know.

‘Thank you for not letting me go out wearing that’

The classic pre-teen fashion trends. Whether it was a skirt over jeans, thinking you needed a bra way before you did making your top tuck into the gaping gap, or spiking every single hair up with hazardous amounts of gel, as much as you didn’t think so at the time, your mum will have saved you from some hefty disasters in the past.

‘I am sorry that I never appreciated how hard it is to do half the things you do’

Now that you have to sort bills, washing, ironing, cooking, budgeting, appointments and other equally exciting adult things yourself, you start to get a slight picture of how much your mum did for you. As hard as you thought your life was, it would have been 101 times worse without your mum.

‘How did you put up with me?’

Never mind the horrendous ordeal of carrying you inside her for nine months, you’ve probably put your mum through some shit in the past. Wetting yourself in public as a toddler, screaming that you hate her because she made you come in from the street at 7 when your neighbours were staying out until 7:15 as a kid, going through a rebellious teenage phase and being brought home by your mates after passing out in a field after downing a bottle of Smirnoff Ice (one of the bigger ones of course). And she still loves you no matter what.

‘I miss you a heck of a lot’

We all act like we are so totally in control of our lives now that we have moved away from home. We are so totally not. We all need our mums, and as cool and independent as we try to be, we always will. So if she fusses over you when you’re home, sheds a tear when you go to leave or babies you more than you need to be babied, be freakin grateful for it and tell her that you freakin love her and that she is the best mum in the world.


University of Aberdeen