What to do in Aberdeen this December

Apart from freeze

Exam chills, winter chills, checking your bank balance chills – everything in Aberdeen just feels a little bit chilly at the moment. Do not fear though. As per usual, Aberdeen, the bae that it is, is providing us with some little gems in order to to warm our numbed brains and get us into the festive spirit.

Take advantage of Christmas menus and drinks

Let’s face it, every plate of food gets better in December, because there is usually an option to have it with pigs in blankets. Everywhere is starting to add a sprinkle of cinnamon or a few toasted marshmallows to their cocktails, and you can’t not love it. You don’t have to break the bank to get your tummy into the festive spirit either, student favourite the Bobbin is doing Christmas sharing ‘sleighs’ throughout December, so grab some pals and pretend revising isn’t a thing for an hour or two.

Take your pick

Take your pick

Union Square’s Jäger Haus

A little pocket of Christmassy heaven that looks like its been taken straight from a German Christmas market and popped into our wonderful city. The fairy lit wooden lodge has got cosy blankets for battling the cold and an array of all the wintery drinks you could possibly wish for. Traditional beers, including a strawberry one oooh, hot apple cider, mulled wine, hot chocolate, a perfect setting for the most Christmassy chill out you could imagine.



Santa run and obstacle course 

Aberdeen Sports Village are hosting a one mile Santa run and one mile obstacle course this Christmas season to raise money for CHAS. Entry is £10, and that includes a space for both the mile run and the obstacle course, a Santa suit with a hat, a Christmas medal and a small goodie bag. Raise money for charity, get fit and dress up like Santa. Win.

The event will take place on the 10th of December at the Sports Village and more details are available on the Facebook page.

Put on a jacket and go outside 

Right, the cold IS NOT an excuse. It is cold up here every single day of the year. Put on a jacket and a scarf and a thermal under-layer and some gloves and a hat and maybe an extra jumper and another jacket too and go outside for some fresh air. A perk of Aberdeen is that you never have to go far to leave the city and unwind on the beach or walk amongst some sheep. The sunsets at this time of year are spectacular, and the sound of crashing waves might at least quieten the inner screams of your responsibilities.

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

Go to a society Christmas meal 

Yes, this is another food related one. If you’re not in a society that is hosting a Christmas meal, find out if one of your friends is, and crash it. It’s the perfect opportunity to wear a horrific Christmas jumper, eat way too much turkey and ‘just have one drink’ as a little bit of stress relief. If you’re really lucky, the Christmas tunes will be blaring and your inner Mariah will not remain inner for very long.

Not sure if there's enough there

Not sure if there’s enough there

Decorate your flat with cheap shit 

It’s a must. Choose your decorations wisely though, because you can assume that no one will ever take them down, so you’re going to have to love them for a long time. If you’re still in halls, take advantage of the fact that fairy lights won’t bring up your electricity bill. Also get your flatmates matching Christmas jumpers and cry until they wear them and watch Elf with you. If you’re on a budget fashion a wreath out of clingfilm, prop up some sticks from the walk home to make a tree and scatter your flatmate’s cinnamon around the flat without telling them to create the perfect aroma.

Visit the Christmas Market 

No, the Aberdeen Christmas Market doesn’t have anything on the Edinburgh one, but, it’s still a fun thing to visit. Situated on Union Terrace, you can get all the things you wish for at our little market. You can get an array of festive food from churros to german sausages cooked right in front of your greedy little face. Ice skate (or pretend that you can), get lost in the maze of Christmas trees (which is way harder than it looks) and get a photo with the guy who looks like Santa (no one actually knows if he is employed there or just a guy looking to fulfil children’ dreams).

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas