AUSA have started giving out free tampons


Aberdeen University Students’ Association have decided to help the thousands of women who pay ridiculous tax on the necessity that is sanitary products.

From now on, AUSA are proud to announce their “FREE PERIODS” scheme. In the Students’ Union (previously the Hub) and Johnston building, free tampons and pads will be available completely free of charge, both in the bathrooms and on request.

This is so refreshing

This is so refreshing

Every box of products has on it a startling figure surrounding the amount of money us women will spend on having periods throughout our lives.

A representative from AUSA told us: “The cost of having a period can put a big dent in a students budget and access to sanitary products is vital to engaging in education. We hope this scheme will relieve some of the financial pressure of having a period. As well as helping out students who are just caught short on campus.

“Many of us have been in that situation, and we’re hoping that the availability of free tampons will take away the embarrassment of talking about periods!”

That's a whole lot of time to be paying to control our uteruses

That’s a whole lot of time to be paying to control our uteruses

We can only hope the steps that university unions like AUSA are beginning to take can lead to bigger steps in taking down the tax on sanitary products. It’s something that should have happened a long time ago, but it’s needed more than never.

We are students, we want to spend money on the noodles that aren’t in the basics section, an atrocious costume for a pub crawl or that one last shot, not on controlling a bodily function that we get from our biological make up.

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