BNOC of the Year nominees: Round three

You wanna be them

We’ve already had round one and round two, and now it’s time for the third instalment – it’s still not over to become Aberdeen’s big name on campus.

David Healy won round one, and the winner of round two is –  Michael Perara. Again it was a tight round, but Michael walks away with 222 votes, 30 per cent of the round.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 15.07.08We have another instalment of wonderful people, and one of these guys will join David and Michael in the finals. Let’s vote.

Andrew Maitland


Year: Fourth

Course: Politics

Andrew balances being super cultured by learning French and reading Nietszche with his mad clubbing life including dressing up as a powerpuff girls for a lads night out.

If he wins he’ll celebrate by doing his famous lawn mower dance in Underground.

Matt Fraser


Year: First

Course: Law

There’s a rumour that he got caught having a threesome in the elevator in Institute.

He says he doesn’t deserve to be BNOC at all, but a vote for him is a vote for Aberdeen because he is Mr Aberdeen.

If he did win he’d either down a half pint of non alcoholic cider or hold a parade down Union Street so everyone could enjoy the celebrations. He’d also start a petition to ban techno music from Aberdeen.

Giles Harker


Year: Second

Course: Law

A.k.a Gillet, a.k.a Gilez, a.k.a Tray.

Giles is an all round funny guy, he’s Vice President of Law Soc next year and is a LAX legend, named as Fresher of the Year and is Fundraiser next year. Once knocked himself unconscious after getting a bit too loose on a Wednesday and he once thought he could fit through the gap in the middle of a road sign, turns out he couldn’t. He also loves bucket hats.

Refers to himself as “Giles Harker – educated, athletic, good with kids and devishly handsome”.

How will Giles celebrate this momentous victory? Well of course he will firstly parlé with some beautiful women that’ll be engrossed by his enigmatic presence and manner of speech that will raise them into a lustful frenzy. He will proceed as bystanders stand aghast and chin a pint of pint and a pint of potato salad. In the club he will dance he will drink he will graft and most of all he will be glorious.

Giles believes he deserves to become BNOC to prove that not all lawyers are stupid bald and obnoxious, but kind, profound and a paragon of peace and justice. For showing courage in the face of crippling anxiety to become one of the most revered and beloved men in the lacrosse club and in fact all of university.

Elliot Bayley


Year: Second

Course: Geography

AUMHC number one source of banter. He’s always up for a strawpedo in a club and his grafting skills are known campus-wide. He’s the ‘snuggler’ of the year, often taking his conquests back to his room without sealing the deal.

Why Elliot should win – because his face is all over campus and now you have a name to go with it. He said if he wins the title of 2016 BNOC he’ll give his loyal fans and supporters, if they want, a lesson in how to become a master snuggler.