Is this the sassiest lecturer ever?

He responded to comments with ‘maybe you should practice asking questions’

A lecturer for the first year course Engineering Mathematics definitely assessed the feedback they were given. 

The lecturer decided to personally responded to comments he received through the SCEF forms.

He starts by pointing out that only 14% of students took the time to give feedback on the course.

In a truly sassy fashion he quoted feedback back to the students and then explained why their comments were dumb. The announcement is full of rhetorical questions, the word “seriously”, and is rounded off with a passive aggressive “thanks for your feedback.”

A personal response

Aberdeen uni students are sent an abundance of emails from the university that they usually ignore. SCEF forms usually top the list.

SCEF forms are sent out to students: “To assist the university in its procedures for the maintenance of academic standards and to enable staff teaching this course to assess it and make appropriate modifications as needed. The results of this evaluation exercise will be discussed fully by the relevant staff-student liaison committee.”

This must be the sassiest course announcement to grace MyAberdeen.