Where’s the worst place you’ve been sick in Aberdeen?

‘Opposite Underground, the bouncers saw me and laughed’

Throwing up when you’re drunk isn’t one of the most pleasurable experiences, but it can sometimes make a great story.

Luckily then, some students decided to come clean about their worst vomits in Aberdeen.

Seems that lawyers are more fun than we thought.

Ronnie, Law

“Having the uni team rugby trials the morning after my first ever Skite was never going to be ideal but as a fresher I wanted to impress.

“What I did not expect was sprints and drills set to upset my already oh so fragile tummy.

“It must’ve been about halfway through the first drill that things began to go downhill and all the bad decisions of the previous night found their way out of my stomach and out onto the rugby pitch, much to the amusement of everyone else.”



Bethany, Geography second year

“When it comes to me, I only ever throw up after doing a shot of tequila.

“My worst was doing shot in Institute and then running to the bathroom, and missing the toilet as I spewed.

“I think I spent about 20 minutes cleaning up the toilet because I felt bad for everyone else.”


We’ve all been there

Ninian, Law

“I woke up after a night out still blind drunk. Amazingly I still made it to a tutorial at 10 due to a moment of drunken clarity setting an alarm before bed.

“Got to the tutorial, still piss drunk, the tutor knew exactly what was up but was really sound about it. I managed to make it through but as soon as it was over I rushed out to be sick.

“I got to the outside of the Taylor building and let rip. I sat down for a couple of seconds and then realised my tutor was standing over me and my recently formed puddle.

“He had a look of both understanding and complete repulsion.”


VKs are phantoms

Divine, Law

“I threw up on Union Street opposite Underground, the bouncers saw me and laughed but let me in anyway.

“It was last year, so I got off the number 20 bus from Hillhead and walked not that far, and then threw up all of the rum I was drinking.

“My friends kept saying that Union Street just stank of rum after that to them.”


Before we even went out

Hal, Anthropology second year

“I threw up in the hood of my girlfriend’s hoodie while she was wearing it.”

Not the girl I threw up on

Not the girl I threw up on