Closing contract sparks student-led petition to save lecturer

Dr. Uglow was ‘inspirational’ in the Art History department

A petition has been set up today to save the position of Dr Luke Uglow following rumours of his potential redundancy.

It was set up by Anna Dowling-Clarke to protect his position as a member of the University of Aberdeen Art History department.

Beloved and enthusiastic art historian Dr. Luke Uglow faces having to leave his departmental role in light of projected budget cuts. Dr Uglow is renowned by both his students and colleagues for his enthusiastic, engaging lectures.

The looming threat of mandatory departures in hope of covering costs elsewhere could potentially question the viability of the Art History department.

Having only three full time staff members with two part time teaching fellows (of which Luke is one), it could be safe to assume that resources would be stretched if the Art History department were to lose yet another asset.


Dr. Luke Uglow

Dr. Luke Uglow

Having taught at the University of Edinburgh as well as the University of York, he joined us in Aberdeen in January 2014.

Luke primarily centres his research on the historiography surrounding Italian Renaissance art, particularly focusing on responses towards early sixteenth – century Venetian painting.

Giorgione's 'La Tempesta'

Giorgione’s ‘La Tempesta’.

Professor Jane Geddes, one of the senior lecturers of Art History, said she believed that the department would be “decimated” if Dr. Uglow were to be made redundant.

She said: “He is an inspirational person and academic, whose attitude towards the subject matter is almost infectious.”

His teaching was ‘infectious’

The way in which a lecturer delivers the information to their students could be argued to be the most important aspect of the university experience as a whole.

Jane said Dr. Uglow is unanimously admired for his: “care to involve the students at all times as well as making classes thoroughly enjoyable.”

Maggie Letona, a student at Aberdeen, said she has: “learnt an awful lot from him and his enthusiastic approach ensures his students attention does not waver. To give him up would be a huge mistake on the universities behalf and will lead to less people sticking with the course.”

Find the online petition to save Luke’s job here.