Things that are only acceptable in Aberdeen when you’re drunk

Because we wouldn’t pee on Union Street during the day

Everyone needs a beer jacket to function sometimes.

Waiting in the queue for Institute for crazy lengths of time

10431439_778237475551680_4076854804590165164_nWhether it’s outside in the freezing cold or at the bar for a vodka, soda and lime, standing in a line for longer than 10 minutes is something you wouldn’t do sober.

The only thing worse is standing in the taxi queue on Union Street, while you’re trying to protect your McDonalds from the seagulls.

Non-functioning facilities once you’re inside

12202027_911434265576717_1163656709_nSo much stuff doesn’t work in clubs. The sinks, soap dispensers and hand driers in Institute are prime examples of this.

Sober you wouldn’t go back to a place like this. Drunk you is there every week.

Being surrounded by smokers when you don’t smoke


The nonsmoker thinks it’s the best place for some ‘fresh air’

For non-smokers, being surrounded by people smoking isn’t fun.

But when drunk, spending most of your night in the smoking area seems like a pretty good idea.

Dancing with the buskers on Union Street

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 4.23.43 pmDuring the day, walking past buskers in town is normal and you tend not to find yourself dancing with strangers.

But once the club has closed and you’re heading home, you cannot resist the temptation to not dance along to the tunes.

Eating excessive amounts of food


Although sober you tends to order way too much Dominos for one person, drunk you shamelessly orders 20 chicken nuggets, 3 large fries, 2 McFlurries, a large coke (and don’t forget the free burger when you have your student card) at the staple post-night-out trip to McDonald’s.

Peeing in the street

IMG_8031Obviously not socially acceptable when you’re sober, it’s still pretty grim when your drunk. But what can be done when you’ve broken the seal and the club has closed?

With the amount of police on Union Street on the average night out, if you can do it without being caught, it’s impressive.