How to make the most of your time in the Deen

If you haven’t met Keith, do you even go here?

Do you need some weekend inspiration?

Here are the things you have to do before you leave the Deen, otherwise it’s like you didn’t even go here.

Go swimming in the North Sea

Probably not particularly enjoyable activity, but it would be an interesting conversation starter. Works even better if you do it naked.

For example:

Person 1: “I went swimming every day at Aberdeen beach in my student days.”

Person 2: “Oh you sound like an intriguing person, let’s talk more”

How alternative

How alternative

Eat a buttery

Even if it does resemble a flattened salty croissant.

The buttery was so good, being tidy was not a priority

The buttery was so good, being tidy was not a priority

Not because they taste particularly fabulous, but they were invented in Aberdeen. Trying this local delicacy could increase your cultural awareness, which is always a good thing.

Sit on King’s lawn and take pictures and put them on Facebook

It’s the stuff you see on the prospectus – all the happy students with no work to do and no hangovers.

Uploading them on Facebook also shows everyone what a great time you’re having.

They’re just super pleased to be sitting in the sun, probably just because it doesn’t happen very often.

Happiness is sitting on grass apparently

The key to happiness is sitting on grass

 Go on a night out in Priory

This sounds like the worst thing to do in Aberdeen, but this is what’s called character building.

On your graduation day, you will be a different person, perhaps not for the better. You will have seen things that some people will never experience in their whole lives.

That’s worth more than your degree.

This night out will never compare to Priory

This night out will never compare to Priory

Visit Keith

Go get the chat with Keith on Spital.


He’s a a local legend and a hairdresser. Double Whammy.

Befriend a seagull

They are misunderstood creatures.

If every student in Aberdeen makes friends with a seagull each, we’re just one step closer to becoming a better society.

Aberdeen would benefit from that.

He has a family to feed

He has a family to feed

Flirt with the Insta bouncers

Everyone does it. Even the guys.

Anything to get ahead in the queue and out of the cold.


Eat a sausage roll at MacRobert Cafe

They’re actually alright, at a very student-friendly £1.35. Not quite sure what the meat content is though.

You don’t get any butter though. Gutted.

Listen to Guitar Wifey music for longer than seven seconds

This is an endurance test.

On the scale of enjoyment, it’s not quite up there with the sausage roll, but it’s something to do.

Local legend

Local legend

Buy five jagerbombs at The Bobbin

What else are you going to do in everyone’s favourite pub.

It’s on offer too, they’re practically giving them away.

It’s not like you don’t have a tenner kicking about to splurge on a the best prerequisite for a hangover.

They're steep, but it's a small price for temporary ADHD

They’re steep, but it’s a small price for temporary ADHD

Go shroom picking on campus

Because who doesn’t enjoy hallucinating in their 9am after a hefty fry-up?

Also, it’s illegal, so all your friends will think you’re really cool.

So much room for shrooms

You should eat the grass instead

Head to a 530 party

They started off as your typically brilliant house party planners, they now have their own gigs at 42’s and Tunnels.


Instagram your last, precious moments

#aberdream #faberdeen #thedeen

The one nice building on campus

Fly tip on Spital


Got a sofa lying about that you no longer need?

Chuck it on to Spital, the “furniture street”. Sorted.

Fill in your SCEF forms

You should really do this. Apparently.