New Carnegie Court are the best halls in Aberdeen

There’s no place I’d rather be


Living in university halls can range from disastrous arguments with flatmates over whose turn it is to take out the rubbish, to the biggest and best house parties.

One thing solidifying a good university experience is the halls you choose, and the best is standing tall in Hillhead: New Carnegie Court.

We keep our lights on so you can see what you don’t have

But, while having a reputation as the snobbiest of halls, home to the rich kids, NCC residents just really value a three-quarter sized bed and being able to shower whenever they choose.

Though at a horrendously priced £142 a week, just over £20 a night, you reap the benefits that those who live in other halls do not.

Standard night with me and the gals

But, being one of the closest halls to Seaton Park, you save your legs that extra 100m on the walk to uni. Especially after the shoes you wore last night, giving you one less reason not to miss that nine am lecture after Institute’s skites and VK hangovers.

Self-catered flats mean you can eat whenever and whatever, while actually having the cupboard and fridge space to store your own food.

The spacious fridge, shared between three people maximum, means that the worry of you and your flatmates food tumbling out of your fridge when all you want is to get your 17p diet lemonade from Lidl, is not even a passing thought in the minds of NCC residents.

You can actually fit your poverty pop into your fridge. The new-ish building means that while looking nice on the outside, it is easy to navigate on the inside, with four floors, each holding three flats.

Oh I’m sorry I can’t hear you over all the frozen bread I’m storing

Unlike North, you don’t need a map to get round our buildings. Especially when you see the poor souls wandering around, lost, confused and looking for flat parties with a freshers’ guide in January.

The crawl home doesn’t have to bruise your knees at NCC

Best of all, at the end of a night out, taxi drivers favourite place to drop students off is at ‘the barrier’ of NCC- meaning you only have to crawl a little back at your flat AND have minimal distances to scurry your walk of shame.