Priory resurrected for December opening

And you thought it was gone for good

(In)famous nightclub Priory is set to reopen its doors in the new year after undergoing a £250,000 refurbishment.

The Belmont street venue closed in January earlier this year, much to the disappointment of local purple rain drinkers.

It came as a real shame as it had the shortest entry and bar queue in the Deen.

But managing director of The Priory, Mike Wilson, believed that it was time for change.

Especially so in light of recent closure and liquidation of other night time hotspots.

Professor Snape has been on the Purple Rain's

Professor Snape’s been on the Purple Rain

Fresh faced first years may not understand the hype surrounding the Priory- but that’s okay the rest of us will show you the way.

The refurbished church was the place to be if you peaked too early and other places wouldn’t let you in.

With the added bonus of free entry, it was a welcoming sight for people needing to piss when it was morally unacceptable to use the dark back streets of the city centre.

Any takers?

Any takers?

Then after a successful application to have a beer garden constructed outside the front, General Manager Gary Noble said: “This is our commitment to the Aberdeen night time economy.”

Many a summer day will be spent there- but maybe not a winter’s day like the 12th when it officially opens its doors again.

Those brave enough to face the eye watering winds which sweep through town will be subject to the service of seventy new recruits, ready to mix up £1 shots all year round.

One veteran who survived said: “It’s the place where even free admission carries a cost.”

Amy a third year said: “Pub crawls on Belmont Street wouldn’t be the same without it.

“I’m glad it’s coming back.”

Open this Friday!

Open this Friday!

The Epic Group that own Priory released a statement that a “sizeable investment” is also set to be made into the Pearl Lounge on Dee Street.

So Broke Thursdays will be coming back.

Christmas is gonna be messy.