‘Terror Police’ descend on Aberdeen

Uni staff are being trained to spot potential radicals

Police, Universities and NHS Grampian are getting together to attempt to find and prevent potential radicals, as part of the current Counter Terrorism Awareness Week.

Professionals, including staff at the university, will be trained how to spot people who could be seduced by terrorist views.

Would you mess with these two defenders of justice?

Grampian Police have a new ‘Prevent’ counter-terror unit

This comes during unspecified fears that other people may take the path of  Aberdonian radical, Abdul Rakib Amin, who went to the Mosque on Spital and nearby St Machar Academy as a child, before moving to Leicester.

Aberdeen Mosque and Islamic Center

The Mosque and Islamic Center on Spital.

Abdul said that he learned his radical views from material on the internet. Not at the mosque in Aberdeen.

Brother Abul Bara al Hindi

Abdul, using his new fighters name in a recruitment video.

A spokesperson confirmed that University of Aberdeen is also part of the government’s counter-terrorism strategy CONTEST.

As part of this strategy staff can be asked to give up names and details of certain students who are considered “at risk”.

Also, we might get the delights of “Operation Batchelor” and “Operation Graduate”, where “facilitators” teach students about counter-terrorism through films, debate and scenarios.

Operation Batchelor

Counter-terrorism or uni themed dating show/porno?

The university added “we encourage all staff and students of all aspects of their own and others safety”.