I AM BNOC: The Birth Stage

Part One of Tab’s in-depth and scientific study into BNOCism.

This not-so mysterious creature is certainly not hard to spot.

They are a big name on campus after all, as the title suggests. They may even have the rare honour of having a panini named after them by Grub by the end of the year…you’ll know them only by their last name of course… no need for two names when you’re that big a deal!

Eager to impress from the outset upon arriving fresh-faced in Aberdeen, they are egged on by the peer pressure of their new friends as they are encouraged to undertake dodgy tasks for general entertainment purposes. Which of course, is done with gusto, because how else would a BNOC earn their title?

Musto doing it with Gusto

Exhibit A: The Long-arm

Perhaps even as early as night two of Freshers’ week, their name starts being casually thrown around campus.

It starts to emerge as a recurrent trend, as they’re the fresher that get put to bed on the reg by the SRA’s. Maybe they’ve even had the exclusive honour bestowed upon them of being personally asked to be a PR for Vanity.

By the time Freshers has ended, the fledgling BNOC’s name is already appearing in the conversations amongst the older years, who can’t help but to overhear of this bold fresher’s antics, or avoid them being plastered all over their newsfeeds for that matter.

This somewhat acts to young BNOC’s detriment, as from now on they become the number one target fresher in whatever sports club they happen to be a member of, and they will almost certainly receive the Dick of the Day glory on a weekly basis.

'Know your place minions!'

‘Know your place minions!’