Travellers move in on Union Square

Gypsy invasion of Union Square.

Descending hordes of travellers have set up camp yards from the heart of Aberdeen; Union Square.  Not travellers that arrive in trains and buses but travellers that arrive in caravans. And don’t leave. How this new influence will influence the packs of sixteen year old emos that hover outside the main doors remains to be seen.

Predictions of a vicious pack fight over a discarded pack of Malboro Lights have been flying around the Tab offices but I can assure the reader that this (probably) won’t happen.

There are around twenty caravans that have pitched their four wheeled tents in the service yard that is between Palmerston Road and Poynernook Road.

It is well known that the police did not do a particularly good job of moving them on from the back of LIDL, near Hillhead halls and pitches, and this reporter wonders if their reaction will be much quicker now that people who have lots of money will be affected.

I googled 'A Gypsy'. Sue me.

I googled ‘A Gypsy’. Sue me.