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This is where you recognise the cast of Netflix’s Operation Christmas Drop from

Cato from The Hunger Games has returned

Netflix’s latest Christmas movie, Operation Christmas Drop, takes a rather tropical turn. Government officer Erica is sent to Guam to assess the efficiency of one of the air bases, but discovers a charitable operation taking place and falls in love with the island and giving back.

Aside from getting distracted by the beaut beaches, you were also probably distracted by the abs on Andrew, who is played by Alexander Ludwig, aka Cato from The Hunger Games. Alexander isn’t the only famous face of the Operation Christmas Drop cast.

Kat Graham, Virginia Madsen and Trezzo Mahoro, who are Netflix regulars, also star in the film, with Kat Graham playing the lead role of Erica.

If you’re wondering where you recognise Kat from, this is your full guide to the cast of Netflix’s Operation Christmas Drop:

Kat Graham – Erica

31-year-old Kat Graham takes the lead role in Operation Christmas Drop. She plays Erica, who is sent to Guam to assess the efficiency and expenses of the air base.

This isn’t Kat Graham’s first Netflix Christmas film, two years ago she starred in The Holiday Calendar. But unless you’re majorly into Netflix Xmas films, you’ll probably best know Kat from The Vampire Diaries. Kat played Bonnie on the series for eight years.

Kat has also appeared in 17 Again and How It Ends, which is also on Netflix.

Alexander Ludwig – Andrew

Alexander Ludwig is the other lead in the Operation Christmas Drop cast, where he plays Andrew. Andrew is the captain and basically runs the whole operation to get resources to the remote islands.

Alexander is mostly known for his leading role in the show Vikings which he was in for six years. However you might also remember him from the first Hunger Games film where he played Cato, the bullish competitor who narrowly missed out on winning.

He’s also been in Bad Boys For Life, Grown Ups 2 and Race to Witch Mountain.

Virginia Madsen – Congresswoman Bradford

Virginia Madsen plays Congresswoman Bradford in Operation Christmas Drop. She’s the woman who sends Erica to Guam in the first place.

She has been acting since the early 80s and can be recognised for her roles in the films Dune and Candyman. More recently Virginia has appeared in Netflix’s Designated Survivor and Elementary.

Trezzo Mahoro – Joker

Trezzo Mahoro joined the Operation Christmas Drop cast as Joker. Not sure if that’s his actual name or just what he does. But basically he’s the funny member of the group.

Trezzo has previously been in both the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before movies as Lucas and is also known for starring in the series Van Helsing and The X Files.

Bethany Brown – Sunshine

Bethany Brown plays the quick witted and sassy Sunshine. You will probably best recognise Bethany from The 100, where she played Jade Royal Guard.

She’s also been in The Flash and appeared in a few episodes of the show Supernatural.

Rohan Campbell – Travis

Travis the quiet member of Andrew’s squad and is played by Rohan Campbell. Rohan has previously been in two episodes of Netflix’s Virgin River.

Rohan is now the leading role in the series The Hardy Boys. He’s also appeared in The 100 and an episode of Snowpiercer.

Jeffery Joseph – General Hatcher

Jeffery Joseph plays a small but notable role of General Hatcher in Operation Christmas Drop. He’s been acting since the 80s and is most known for his role in the series Dream On.

Jeffery has also been in Supernatural, Dying Laughing and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina amongst others.

Janet Kidder – Lieutenant Colonel Blaine

Janet Kidder plays Lieutenant Colonel Blaine who ends up guiding a lot of Erica’s decisions in the movie. You may be familiar from Janet’s appearances in The Bride of Chucky, Contiuum and Tom Stone.

More recently Janet has starred in Arrow and a bunch of TV movies.

Operation Christmas Drop is available on Netflix now. For all the latest Netflix news, drops and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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