Grace Piercy

There are now 1,770 positive Covid cases at Newcastle Uni

11 more staff members have tested positive

Second national lockdown now ‘inevitable’, claim experts

The North East could face harsher restrictions after case rate doubles in a week

Police patrol student areas in Newcastle until Christmas to enforce Covid rules

Patrols have been added to the local lockdown to ensure students aren’t flouting regulations

BREAKING: Newcastle to gain new lockdown-like restrictions from Friday

You can now only socialise with those you live with

Newcastle University students’ data held to ransom by cybercriminal group

Hackers are threatening to leak student and staff data if not paid by the University

Newcastle University has terminated the contracts of 8 Politics staff members

Uni insists students ‘will not be impacted’

Sub=Line are hosting an 12 hour live stream to raise money for the NHS this Saturday

It’s from 12pm to 12am

Dorothy Chirwa has been voted as the new NUSU president

The current officers announced the results via video

I came off social media for a week and it was as awful as you would expect it to be

See you later Facebook memes

Here’s what you can get for free in Newcastle on your birthday

Everyone loves a bday freebie!

The Leazes cows: All your questions answered

Why are they there tho?