Soton Votes NOT to Affiliate to NUS

Southampton students have today voted to stay out of the National Union of Students (NUS) by a huge majority of 73.4%. Results were announced by the Returning Officer with support […]

Southampton students have today voted to stay out of the National Union of Students (NUS) by a huge majority of 73.4%.

Results were announced by the Returning Officer with support from the referendum working group in SUSU this evening. The results for ‘No’ were 3595 votes whilst those for ‘Yes’ were 1296 votes. SUSU Southampton NUS Referendum result

A total of 4891 votes were counted over the voting period of just today. This turnout exceeded SUSU’s target of 3000 votes.

Southampton has remained out of the NUS for 10 years and will continue to remain independent.

Both campaign teams worked extremely hard but Southampton students ultimately decided the outcome.

Over the next few days we’ll be bringing you a round-up of the past few months so stay tuned, if you can be bothered.

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  • just saying

    vote of no confidence of the sabbs that ran? clearly they’re not acting with the wishes of the majority of students…

    • Steve O

      Jesus, this comments a bit much. You have a great bunch of Sabbs, driven to make the union better, organisationally proficient and equipped to help make your life and experience better.

      Regardless of a difference of opinion on something largely inconsequential (in my opinion), they’ve done a really good job and made the union a better and more effective organisation…you’d be doing your self a disservice to no confidence them.

      So before you start gleefully throwing around terms like that, bare in mind these are real people’s lives, people doing a great job for you and working very hard. At least they were being honest and standing up for what they think will make the University a better place for all…in the face of genuine adversity…that takes a lot of integrity.

      In conclusion…you are a dick.

      • NameyName

        Nice opinion.
        In conclusion…you are a dick.

        • Steve O

          Thank you.

      • just saying

        i’d say by the amount of people liking the post instead of disliking it, i’m not the only one thinking it – just the first to say it on here

        • susu member

          “just saying” isnt even a student here anymore and just works in the bar at jesters with a spot of hockey! who the hell are you to comment on the running of the union!

          • just saying

            now this is interesting that you’d be able to find this out by a fictional screen name… and you’re wrong by the way.

      • Joe McCarthy

        Steve O behave. The sabbs have shown themselves to be completely isolated from student opinion and have failed in their attempt to hoist something on us.
        Can we please elect current students to represent us and pay people who aren’t commie rabble rousers to run the day to day of the union? I am not represented by people who are paid employees, they are no longer students. Go and get a real job.

        Bloody hippies

  • Jeremy Vine’s Election Graphics

    If we look at this bar chart we can see that there was a surprisingly high turnout, but is anyone really surprised by the result?

    My interactive display board suggests that the whole thing was an enormous waste of time and effort.

  • Vader

    When I left you NUS, I was but the learner, now I am the master

  • James

    I wonder why so many students voted “no”. I did because I looked at the arguments and researched the , but

    • James

      the facebook group for the no campaign has a very small number of people as members….

      Do most students look at this question and answer “I’m happy with the situation now, why would I want it to change?”

      • Jack M

        Quality, Not Quantity but above alll, common sense prevailed.

    • Not So Fresh

      This comment has been removed in line with our comments policy. The Tab Edtiors.

  • Soton Tab Editor

    Now we have to go back to finding worthwhile stories…

    ERMAHGERD the library fire alarm went off. NEWSWORTHY!!

  • timetoresign

    Couldn’t care about the NUS tbh, but I wish I was there last night, just to see the smug look wiped from the Sabbs’ condescending faces.

  • Joe McCarthy

    Hah. Take THAT Commies

  • Moggy

    Can’t wait for Referendum 2014!

    • DC

      Moggy… please PLEASE be joking…

      • Bored of Referendums

        Almost Guaranteed.

      • Final year

        Can’t wait to have graduated by then. Cannot be arsed to hear the same arguments three times in a row.

      • Name

        Unfortunately heard a wannabe BNOC and wannabe Sabb say if he got in he would make sure we had another referendum. Was very bitter about the result being no!

  • a thought

    Maybe it should be a requirement in the future that if a sabb wants to propose/campaign for a change in being part of the NUS (either no to yes or yes to no depending where we are in the future) then it must be part of their manifesto when running for position? this would have cleared up/nullified a lot of arguments in this referendum!